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Friday, April 21st, 2017 12:11 am
Dear Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me - we have matched on some characters or character dynamics that I adore, and I hope that you likewise adore them, and that this assignment will not be a big arduous thing for you, but something fun and enjoyable and satisfying. I will most definitely be appreciative of whatever you've written for me, because these dynamics don't often get written, and so it's a pleasure to read a new take on it!

Note: if you see something that you know I've asked and received before, then please know that there are some bunnies I really like and I want to see all the options and iterations possible for them!

the basics:
What I want in any fandom listed for this year's Not Prime Time is generally pretty simple: I want something
  • that's centered around the female characters,
  • which features them with agency (or the weight of their decisions making a difference to the narrative)
  • with a hopeful/happy ending.
That's as simple as it is!

Do Not Want
I don't want
  • a story that's pure smut. A little smut is great, but I prefer context for it - fucking after an action, what went wrong, is it celebratory fucking or angsty 'i fucked up' fucking or reckless 'oh god we survived' fucking? give me the context, how it happened, why this pings their buttons.
  • background pairings that I haven't asked for
  • character death
  • the usual range of obvious -isms in the characters I like (or, at least, if they display these views, I'd like the matter addressed)
Agents of SHIELD

Right, so favourite character, duh. I see Maria very much as one of the 'human heroes' of the MCU. She's in the middle of everything but who isn't an Avenger or a superhero, and doesn't carry the kind of baggage that characters like Nick Fury or Phil Coulson do. A woman, a 2IC, a friend to the Avengers. Responsible, loyal, proactive, supportive. Confident, a little snarky, ingenuous, with balls of frigging titanium (that save in TWS? BRILLIANT).

If we matched in this fandom, whatever character that is grouped with her is great - I loved the dynamic between her and May in 1.20: trusted friends, and also the depth of friendship/trust implied between her and Triplett in his backing her up when facing Ward/giving Coulson the chance to climb onto the plane. I think there's backstory to tell about her and Phil and their conflicts and concordances. And I would adore a story about her and Akela Amador being Scary Competent Operatives in the world!

(Okay, if you want to throw in a Maria Hill/Steve Rogers relationship in the background, I will ADORE YOU.)

Angel: the series

So yes, we would have matched on Faith/Wes - the unnecessary Slayer and the unwanted Watcher - and I love their dynamic as something which was broken and which they try to mend. The awkwardness and, yes, protectiveness/anger/frustration between them in Angel Season 4 when she comes back? Wonderful. I want to see so much more of that in the context of action/adventure - things happening, vamps to slay, advice to render, fucks to be had... You know how it goes.

Faith I see as broken but working out how to fix herself so that she works. She's not whole and Wesley doesn't make her whole, but he represents a kind of redemption to her - Angel is the one who's made it through redemption and out to the other side, but Wes has been down his own dark side and even crossed the line before he dragged himself back. So their dynamic is at once going to be reaching for something light and also kind of fucked up at the same time.

I do not at all mind any of the Fang Gang making an appearance, so long as it doesn't take over the story, and I don't really want any Fred/Wes, please.

Feel free to bring in the Fang Gang, or some of the Sunnydale Scoobies, although please use Spike judiciously. I've noted a tendency of him to take over the story, which, while entertaining, is not the point here.

Rogue One

I don't mind if you set this in the Everyone/Some People Live AU, or if you completely AU the idea/concept, or if you Handwave Their Survival entirely and come out at an entirely different point in the timeline. No fuss from me on this point!

What I like best here is the potential - Jyn as the catalyst for a great many things, changing her perspectives and allegiance from indifference and submission to defiance and rebellion, and setting fire to the others along the way. Also, the story of Jyn and her mother out in the universe, fighting together (with Saw's Partisans, without them, whatever) seems like a really great possibility. Be afraid, Krennic, be very afraid.

Jyn with Leia and/or Mon Mothma? Shara Bey? Any other women of the Rebel Alliance - the kind who do the job and get it done?

I may be kind of weirded out that Jyn & Rogue One team is not in the tag options for this exchange, but if you want to do all the team and not just Jyn/Cassian, or Jyn&Baze, I am completely down with it so long as you can focus on Jyn and the relationship in question.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I don't know how to phrase this. Just...ALL THE DIANA RELATIONSHIPS. Diana and Bruce, immortal and mortal, lovers, complicated, morally grey, difficult. Diana and Lois - again, the contrast between the women and how they relate to the world. And the Diana/Clark/Lois/Bruce option which I see mostly as a sedoretu (Diana and Clark as Morning moiety, Lois and Bruce as Evening moiety), but which you can certainly make a general poly.

I want to know how Diana saves the world in WWII and then drops off the grid, how that absence affected her when she returns in BvS, her perspectives on action and inaction - her meta on this with either Bruce or Lois would be fascinating: her and Lois discussing the media and perception, politics and people, agreeing and disagreeing by turns? Would be AMAZING.


So, obviously, I may have asked for some things you consider difficult or impossible here. If you're quaking in your shoes, at this point, please don't just send me to the PH list! I do love my exchange fics - we're in this for the characters, right?

Basically, write the relationship dynamic that we matched on in a scenario that illustrates the respect and friendship and affection that the characters have for each other (possibly tinged with aggravation, frustration, and the desire to smack someone over the nose) and I will be delighted to get your story!