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Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 08:55 am
In spite of the last post venting my spleen, things personally are actually quite good.

1. Little finger is still swollen but not hurting as much. Doctor hasn't called back about the x-rays, so I'm guessing I broke a blood vessel in the finger, or bruised the bone, but didn't break it. The x-rays didn't look broken to me, but I'm not a doctor; however, the silence probably means there's not much to worry about.

eta: just called the doc's office - good news! little finger not broken. Bad news: finger I broke 3 years ago hasn't joined back together - it's still technically broken...

2. I watched a bunch of vids last night on how to apply makeup when you have asymmetrical eyelids (one monolid, one hooded), and today I am wearing my new Eye Of Horus makeup. It's very subtle, because I'm not one for fancy and dramatic. I can't get a photo that I find satisfactory, though!

3. I have an idea for the first MCU AUfest fic (I picked up a PH, too).

4. Things are kind of quiet in the office right now, so I have time for writing!

5. We got a new vegie box delivered from a growers co-op kind of thing this week: it was sitting on my back step when I walked out to catch the bus this morning. Looking forward to seeing what's in it...


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