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Sunday, June 11th, 2017 02:52 pm
As I said, the quality of the stories seems really good, and I'm reading a whole bunch of fandoms that I don't usually: ones that I know of, but don't/haven't watched, or ones that I know my friends dabble in.

Sense and Sensibility
Nothing Lost But May Be Found: Elinor would have thought that now that the fatal subject had been aired, her nerves would have calmed; but her hands were trembling, her pulse fluttering even more violently than before.

Soft Place To Land: Evenings with the Danvers sisters - then and now.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
Five times Queenie almost told Jacob about magic (and one time she found out he already knew): Even without remembering much, even just thinking she was some wonderful girl that waltzed out of his dreams and into his life, he’d gravitated back to her as if she was a bright star whose orbit he could never quite escape. She would have to settle for that, build from that.

Star Wars - Prequel/Original series
Pocketful Of Stories: Ahsoka travelled the galaxy, collecting tales and sowing revolution along the way.

Do I know Ahsoka? Not really. But this is an excellent story about women, rebellion, and stories - tall and true.

Pride and Prejudice
Thorough-bass and human nature: Mary Bennet agrees to spend the London season with the newly married Darcys. She discovers that she would still infinitely prefer a book. But hiding in the library at balls and parties is not the solution, as an odd young man keeps turning up there.

Cute and amusing and a very enjoyable story of Mary Bennet improving both her mind and her marital options.