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Thursday, July 6th, 2017 09:46 am
[community profile] genex is finishing nominations in about 10 hours (just after midnight 'Pago Pago' time, which I presume is the last island in the Pacific to flip the date over). Here is the existing tag set and I've nominated a bunch more female friendships besides!

(Damn, forgot Pacific Rim? Anyone willing to go in and nominate all the Mako friendships, although particularly with the female characters?)


[community profile] auexchange has opened sign-ups! This is a fairly specific AU exchange, matching on fandoms and characters and AU scenarios - both fusion and canon divergence.


[community profile] crossovering is also presently taking nominations although they're not showing the tagset.

In order to check that you haven't doubled-up on fandoms, you have to go to here and see if someone's said they're nominating your preferred fandom. It's a bit tricksy IMO - easier just to show what fandoms have already been nominated so you can add the ones that aren't there without problem.

I think the difference between AU Exchange and Crossovering is that the first is pretty specific scenarios, and the second has a lot of leeway around general universes.


Northern Hemisummer is always crazy for sign-ups...


I have the [ profile] mcu_aufest story in, as well as [community profile] not_primetime, and I'm contemplating treats for both. Not convinced I'm going to have time, though...


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