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Sunday, July 16th, 2017 07:26 pm
Went to watch the Sydney Bears vs. Sydney Ice Dogs play at the local rink on Saturday night. It was a fun night, except for the part where two goals were scored and we couldn't see because a bunch of kids were standing in front of us.

Bears won, which were the team I decided to cheer for, so I'm pretty happy.


Still not scoring goals, although regularly assisting, and struggling with the Achilles, so not as fast or as flexible as I'd like.

But we're going well - top of the table, and fewest goals against us (our fullbacks/halfbacks/defense is good). We beat the former top of the table last week, they're good but we're better.

Anyway, we're only just at the top of the table, so we have to keep it up to stay there in the last five weeks of the competition. Five weeks!

Although then there'll be the finals series and everything, so at least another three weeks after that.


It's not even 8:30pm and my sister and I are so tired, we're putting the cats away and going to bed.
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Monday, July 3rd, 2017 08:24 am
Slight headache around the temples; likely to be lack of water after playing half a game of hockey. (I didn't hydrate enough.)

Slight ache at back of head, consonant with having banged it down on the turf. Apparently the photos of the goal that I assisted by getting the ball in are pretty good. The photos of my being taken out...not so great.

Someone asked if I got knocked out, but I'm pretty sure the conversations over my head were continuous while I was lying down, no breaks like from a loss of consciousness.

Achilles tendon is not playing ball; it feels twingey and sore and I had to walk to the bus stop this morning. I think I'll be working from home for at least the next couple of days - most of the people who'd usually assign me work are going to be working from Wagga until Thursday, so there's not really any value in me working in the office. (Another reason I dragged my sorry carcass in this morning rather than call in sick.)

And I have a dental appointment this afternoon. Joy.
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Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 08:52 pm

Scored a goal (touched a ball on the way in to the goal), and was running another ball down into the circle.

Opposition Player 1 barged me, but slid over trying to get to the ball. I went crashing into Opposition Player 2 whose shoulder hit my jaw and flung me back. I went down like they do in movies, where the head bounces against the concrete.

Okay, so it was water-based astroturf, and a little bit bouncy. It still hurt like the dickens. I saw double for about 10 seconds, and lay there for another minute trying to determine if the ache in my head was just that bruised feeling you get when a body part makes contact with an unyielding surface, or if it was something more.

My team-mates (having scored our second goal mere seconds after I went down) crowded around, and they called one of our coaches along to help me off the field. I could walk, but it was cold and my head ached. I sat out the rest of the game (there was five minutes to half-time) because we had enough subs and the coach wasn't willing to put me back on the field and running around. I was kind of disappointed not to get to play more.

So far as we can ascertain at this point, I don't have a concussion. I don't feel fuzzy or woozy, my head just aches the way something does when you've hit it really hard, and my body is taking stock.

However, it was kind of funny when I was determining whether i needed to take a concussion test. I asked the coach who helped me off the field, and she said "stay awake for the next four hours and then if you still feel okay - no sore ears or headaches - then you can go to sleep and you should wake up."

And me (being me) deadpanned, "And if I don't wake up?"

Her husband grinned. "Then you should definitely go to the hospital!"

Mostly, I think it's that if I wake up feeling nauseous or any worse, then I should go to the hospital (which is 9 minutes away) and emergency.

We still won the game 3-0, which was satisfying. The other team kind of had a meltdown - their best fullback got really shrill and angry, which is kind of enjoyable to watch, and also kind of sad-making, because, yeah, it sucks when you know you can play better, but implosion is one of the worst ways to go.

Anyway, hockey has been a really dangerous proposition for me this year; little finger, achilles tendon, and now my skull.

So, just in case, if I don't wake up, I love y'all.
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Sunday, May 14th, 2017 08:52 pm
And win the Eurovision Song Conteeeeeest!!!

My Sunday:
0. Sleep really badly.
1. Wake at 4:45am, text friend to see if it's still okay if I go over and watch Eurovision with her; it is.
2. 5am, watch my way through The Eurovision (as it's called in Europe), decide that most of the songs are good listening, but I don't much like the visuals.
3. 8am head home to grab my stuff for
4. Hockey: watching Team 1 play at 9am
5. Hockey: playing game at 10:30am (we lost 3-2)
6. Hockey: playing game for Team 2 at 1pm (we won 2-1 and one of the goals was mine)
7. Take a bath, nearly fall asleep in it.
8. Decide going to church (driving there) with the amount of sleep I haven't had is unwise.
9. Make a sandwich and note that hands are shaking.
10. Come back and start reading Fandom 5K. The quality of the stories I've read has been REALLY GOOD, guys!

Fandom 5K recs (so far)

Harry Potter:
Charms for an Extraordinary Life: When Harry's actions throw an investigation into a Dark wizarding shop into disarray, he must work with Magizoological expert Luna Lovegood to crack the case.

Fantastic Beasts (And Where To Find Them):
Turn (Slightly) Left: A handful of minutes can throw even the most gifted Seer's prophecies off. Credence's Obscurus passes through Central Park slightly later, which gives Newt the time and information he needs to find an Obscurial with enough control over their magic that he may be able to save them.

Fairytale Of Eureka: The annual Eureka town bake-off is going great — until taste-testers start coming down with fairy-tale afflictions. With Jack out of town, Jo needs to figure out what’s going on before it’s too late.

I have four more open in the tags and will read them over the next few days. I would like people to read (and enjoy) the story I wrote, but it's been a bit touch-and-go lately.

brief on hockey )

And now that it is 9pm, I think it is time to go to bed...
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Sunday, April 30th, 2017 03:02 pm
Drew against Mb, 1-1. I scored our goal first half, then they came back in the 2nd half. That, and the sun was crazy hot, and it baked our brains and boiled our muscles. By the last five minutes, we were completely flat.

I got at least two, maybe three more shots on goal, but none of them got in. I do need to remember to share the shots around - pass in the circle, dear! It confuses the goalie!

A bit of an issue with the coach: he doesn't tend to listen very well to what people say they can play. Apparently several people said that they'd like to play left side, or right side...and he had them playing on the other. I told the other wing (who was used to playing left wing) that if she wants to swap sides with me, just let me know. I can do either side, I'm just not much good in the centre.

But we had some good play going; we just need to practise our short passes into the gaps, and how not to pass the ball to the opposing team. Always good things to learn and practise!
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Thursday, April 27th, 2017 05:49 pm
I guess if they'd dropped me to Team 3 for non-skilled purposes, then they'd have told me, instead of just putting me in Team 3.

It's been a long, slow slide from the top team down to the bottom, and I may not be the only one who's done it, but I'm the one who's done it on 'skill level' and not 'personality level' (or it may be personality level and they're just not telling me).

On the up-side, I can't drop any further in the club - we only have three teams and I'm now in the bottom one...
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Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 10:36 pm
Hockey training tonight. I didn't realise it was going to be 'warm' (16C) and wore heavy stuff. Which I then had to run around in and it was hot!

Also, new training coach, who runs us a lot more, uses different terminology, and is very verbal in his explanation (not always the most helpful with women who are tired and not entirely compos mentis).

It was an interesting session. Good, because I needed the run and got to practise some skills, but so tiring.

Now I'm home, and all I want to do is go to bed. Which I think I will. And may very well fall asleep before midnight at this rate...

Oh, and the osteo stuck more needles in me today, so they ache too.
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Sunday, April 9th, 2017 09:59 pm
Survived first full regular competition hockey game on a day when summer was trying to have its last gasp.

27C was the temp when we started, and nobody had brought sunscreen. I fully expect to be mildly sunburned tomorrow.

We won, 4-3, I scored one goal, and had an assist on at least one other )

Anyway, I dare say everything is going to hurt tomorrow. However, in the meantime, I'm really going to have to start working on the fitness. A friend offered to go jogging some evenings in her local park, about 10 mins drive from my place. She just wants a quick run-around, which is what I want, and she doesn't want to do it alone, particularly now that the sun sets at 6pm.

And now I'm hungry again... I had dinner when I got home from church a couple of hours ago. Might be that my body needs a bit of extra fuel, thanks to the game.
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Friday, September 23rd, 2016 09:10 am
Writing things, mostly rambling to myself.

Dance Me To The End Of Love )

I have the ending in place, although there are still a few things in flux...


Sharp Evening Stars And Bright Morning Flame is satisfactorily plotted out. Can I write it in the next 3 weeks? I'm doubtful.

I seem to have overreached myself in due dates right now.

There's [community profile] crossovering and [community profile] marvel_poc, both of which have plotbunnies, only they're pretty decently sized ones and will probably be written right up to the deadline.

I signed up for a quilting swap for Marvel characters about a month ago, and am planning to make a polygon hulk shoulder bag. Paper piecing is harder and more intricate than it looks.

And then I signed up to pattern-test a new bag pattern which is due...you guessed it - October!

Summercomp hockey starts up in the 2nd half of October, too.

And a 'proof of concept' has been floated at work, and I got assigned to it. Only I'm the database and the main interface, and I've been working on another project for the last couple of weeks. The UI developer has more or less stepped away from the project in disgust and concern that it's not managed properly, and the project managers are all either really high up, or else in sales and more concerned with whether it's pretty enough and not whether it does anything that the proof of concept is wanting.

Plus, new tech and skills. Always harder to do than just leaping into something familiar...

So I'm a bit stressed right now.

On the plus side, the parentals come home from the US by mid-October, so I get B2 back in the house. It'll be nice to have someone at home to come home to and chat with.
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Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 03:39 pm
Over the last five years, there've been some slow and steady changes to the club and the players in the club.

When I first joined, the club was smaller. It had a core of old friends who'd played together for a long time, and had young children still in primary school. They were the good-natured ribbing kind of friends, who'd known each other for a long time and were comfortable joking with each other. Now, those old friends are still there, but their kids are teens, in high school; they're held together with fondness, but they're separated by the lives of their children and their own careers.

Over the years, the women who've come in to play are...louder. Rowdier. The kind of women who think that pranking someone so they feel isolated and excluded is funny. The quieter, more...I'm going to say 'more honourable' players, have drifted away - mostly to motherhood, or they left after a rough year and never came back. What we have now is a core of women who don't really care about the rules so long as the system benefits them, who think nothing of calling our opponents names openly in social media, who think humiliation is 'funny'...

There's the old adage of the boiling frog. Dump a frog into boiling water and it'll jump right out. Dump a frog into cold water, and turn up the heat, and he'll sit there and boil to death.

I guess we're boiling to death, then.
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Monday, May 16th, 2016 03:42 pm
Eurovision on Sunday morning. Best fun ever going around to a friend's house (5 mins drive at 5am, apparently there was broken bottle glass on the driveway thanks to drunk teenagers we heard rousting on Saturday night and, honestly, we have a cop who lives two doors down. Unless it was his daughter.)

But. Eurovision was completely hilariously awesome, from Belgium's disco opening "What's the Pressure?", down to "Love Love Peace Peace" which is the most meta-y delightful thing ever. My sister howled with laughter watching it, and we're not even Eurovision die-hards!

hockey ramblings about the team and coaching )


Today, I had to disappoint someone - tell them I wasn't going in with them on something big. I angsted about it for most of the weekend - lots and lots and lots of angst. It was nerve wracking, but they ended up being good about it. Thankfully. Because the other thing that's a problem right now is my health which is stressful enough.

health, tooth, operation on Wednesday )

Finally, the Maria Hill Comment Fest is up and going! If you have any love for Maria (in any universe, any incarnation) then please come along, prompt, and fill! (I'm going to need something to keep my mind off the pain after Wednesday.)
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Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 10:08 pm
I've missed this so much!

Comp started last Tuesday night, and we lost 3-2 against a team who played "for sheep stations" as our coach calls it. SRS BSNS HOCKEY LIFE OR DEATH. But that team is always like that.

We won tonight's game 5-0, but they put up a good fight, and while the play wasn't friendly, it wasn't vicious, either. The main reason they lost was that our opponents just weren't playing as a team - a couple of "star players" and others who played like they were just filling in.

About half our team is our top team - B-grade; the team I went down from this year. And they play as a team, which makes such a difference. That was what got us through this evening - playing as a team, passing to each other, calling, and taking a few chances.

It was good.

I had an assist on one goal - two on one against the goalie, and I drew the goalie out, then passed ahead of her to my other winger. And then I scored a goal with about 20 seconds to go - reverse backstick under the stick of another player and behind the goalie.

So a satisfying game in score as well as play.

I haven't played the Thursday night competition yet; I missed out last week because I accidentally caught a no-stops train from inner suburbia to the mid-central coast. A trip that usually takes me 45 mins ended up taking 2 and a quarter hours, by which time I was well and truly screwed for our game time!

Hopefully Thursdays turn out good, too. I already know I'm going to like playing with the Tuesday team.

And with work as it is, I can use all the outlets I can get...
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Monday, August 3rd, 2015 02:41 pm
So my weekend consisted of a few things:

1. Quilting

I finished this quilt top:

Soroptimists International

The quilt will be for my mother's Soroptimists chapter to raffle off later this year. It's 76" square, the fabric is Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott, the quilt pattern is Swell by Camille Roskelley.

I must also remember to put together a costing sheet for the price of a quilt to answer all those nice old ladies who think that they can ask me to put together a quilt for, oh, a hundred dollars. (Not counting the fabric and the thread, just the hours worked on this at $20/hr come to around $800; assuming that I count my quilting skills, experience, and time that cheap.)

I also started the SHIELD dress for the Superheroes Ball at D*C. It's all cut out and although the lining isn't quite the right colour, I'm contemplating making some 'extra' lining out of the same fabric as the dress - also, bodice reinforcement since I don't think I'll be able to wear a standard bra with this.

2. Hockey

Lost 3-1, we played well, but at least one of the other players was whingy. Man, I hate playing with whingy people...

Played on the field again; I think the coach has a pretty rigid idea of where I'm supposed to be playing as a wing. I do tend to move around a lot. Although 1st half I was playing a half-back, and pretty much just sitting on their forward so she couldn't get the ball. But the leg was okay.

Next weekend will be interesting, though - it's the team we were playing against when I did my calf muscle, at the field where I got injured. We're going to have to up our game; this team are good. And bitchy, which is always annoying.

3. Femme Remix

Should end up around 1.5K - at the trickiest part: trying to get a cohesive theme happening that works anywhere except in my head.

4. Marvel Bang

I'm going to need to write 1.5K a day to this in order to get it anywhere near enough for the 26th, which is when the 1st draft is due. Considering how much stuff I need to have prepped before I go away...

Let's just say it's not looking promising...
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Friday, July 17th, 2015 10:46 am
I did training on Tuesday at around 80% effort. It was okay - no particular aching, although I can still feel the difference. I'm contemplating playing on the field on Sunday, though - we're down 4 players!

Our club has three teams are playing one after the other, and we're in the middle. So we should have players from the game before hanging around, and players from the game after coming early. Assuming it's not pouring with rain (as the predictions are suggesting). Therefore, if my leg can't hack it, we'll have subs to go on instead.

At least, that's my reasoning.


I won't be 100%, though - but apparently this game isn't a really awful one? At least, it wasn't last time? (That's not a guarantee, mind you! Some teams we played against in the first round of games were easy, and coming up against them in the second round was a lot more challenging.)
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Sunday, July 5th, 2015 08:53 am
new ficlet: The Tools To Hand
Civil War, the way it won't play out. Because Maria Hill. (*grumbles*)

Sometimes I feel like Hollywood, its producers and writers and directors and bigwigs all need to be told "step away from the franchise and let someone else take up the helm with new ideas". And no, the audience won't love those new ideas to start with (witness all the whinging about Mad Max: Fury Road) but a new batch of audience will go "gimme more!" And a large batch of the old audience will go: "hey, that looks interesting, I'd like to see where they're going with this."


Garden thoughts )


hockey )

Anyway, today:

- change of clothes for after hockey
- dress pattern and dress fabric for sewing group
- matching thread for dress pattern/fabric
- sharp scissors
- handsewing and bits for cutting
- a plan for the hexie flowers I'm making for a swap
- sewing machine (of course)

The reason I'm making this list here and not going off and putting it all together right now is because I have a cute, warm cat in my lap and I'm a horrendous sucker and can't quite bring myself to move her...
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Monday, June 22nd, 2015 06:09 am
Torn calf muscle is healing well. I've jogged on it a little (a very little) and walked on it a lot. Going to have to start up a little running again, and probably some gym work.

I played goalie for two teams at hockey last night. First game: lost 3-0 - two to a striker who could do the switch-flick really well (every goalie's nightmare). Second game: won 1-0 after keeping out some tricky goals.

Also: it made a difference that the backs in the second team (which is Team 1 - the team I played with last year) are really solid. Actually, the whole team is solid - I do miss playing with people who know what they're doing and how to play with each other. I probably do belong in Team 2 (I'm not that good) but sometimes it's so frustrating when we hold possession too long, won't tackle the opposition, and don't move in to get the ball first.


It's been lovely having [livejournal.com profile] andveryginger around to visit: both staying over and just generally in town to hang out with. *smooches* If you're ever in Sydney for one reason or another, peoples, I would love to meet up with you.


June has - as expected - been a little crazycakes on the events frontage. And that's with an injured leg that's taken me out of hockey and out of my quilting work!

Still, it's been so busy that I've had to pull out of [community profile] wipbigbang. And I think I'm not going to sign up for the usual panoply of 'summer' ficathons. Besides which Maria/Steve is no longer a rarepairing, so my primary reason for going into the rarepairing swaps is kind of defunct.


Work is inbetween projects, which means lots of little jobs and I don't do so well at those. So here begins the next week of 'clients with high expectations and deadlines'.

And it's cold. Why does winter have to be cold?
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Monday, May 4th, 2015 11:12 pm
Really need to get to bed before midnight. Even if I can't stop my body waking up at 5am, maybe I can persuade my brain not to get in on the act for a couple of hours until the alarm goes off?

Also: either really unfit or getting old. Body hurts after hockey. And this is me without any physical issues! I can't imagine being one of the women dealing with, oh, knees, and ankles, and feet and wrists and things that need binding week after week after week.

I do hope it's unfit. At least I can do something about unfit.

Have 45 minutes to midnight. The race is on...

Oh, and here, have some quilt that I made over the weekend:

Ran out of the top spool. But 2/3 done! (It looks much better when my nose isn't 4" from the fabric...) #aussietulapinkswap

That's the half-finished version, I'll post a pic of the full one up when I'm done, along with an explanation of the process. (Basically: I had an assigment for a quilt exchange, I forgot about it, and had to do a rush job over the weekend.)
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Thursday, April 30th, 2015 09:29 pm
Next installment of the drama.

FormerPres has gone into Team 3, which makes things a little easier on Team 2 (with the coach that FormerPres doesn't get along with). Except that there's at least one player, possibly two, who don't want to play in a team with FormerPres. And at least one player who got a little annoyed by FormerPres' game last weekend.


As the treasurer of the club has observed, it's amazing that one woman can cause that much disruption in the social hockey club!

Anyway, there are issues with the finalisation of players on teams. Team 1 is set. But there are a couple of players switching between Team 2 and Team 3, and the uncertainty is causing problems for those players. Plus, you know, disappointment.

And I know how that feels from a couple of years ago.
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Saturday, December 6th, 2014 09:07 am
[personal profile] schneefink asked: You play hockey! How did you get started? What position do you play? What do you like about it?

it was twenty years ago today... )

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