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Sunday, September 10th, 2017 08:24 pm
I have adulted muchly this weekend.

Friday night, I made bechamel sauce and assembled a lasagne. Two, actually. I also adjusted/modified/fixed my exchange fics for this weekend, and they'll do, although I don't think they're as good as the two for Rarepairings.

Saturday morning, I picked kumquats off someone's tree by arrangement. She took some seed potatoes, planting garlic, and a pumpkin in exchange, and then I headed out to swap the last of the winter produce (fennel and winter greens and another pumpkin, seed potatoes and planting garlic and suchlike) for honeycomb and eggs and quite a few seedlings. So far as I'm concerned, I came out a winner!

Back in the garden, I 'bagged' the fruit trees against fruit fly, and deep-watered the newer trees that haven't been doing quite so well. I arranged to rent chickens from Rent-A-Chook (a program that allows you to try keeping chickens in your backyard) and I expect they'll call in the next couple of weeks to arrange for delivery and set up and explanation. We'll see how they do as the weather warms up!

I also measured up a section of the house for a couple of slimline water tanks to hold water when we start getting rain again. (It's been a crazily dry winter, which has been nice on the 'not getting stabbed in the eye by an umbrella on the train' front, but not so great on the 'persuading things to grow' front.) Eventually, I'd like to run our toilet and our washing machine through the rainwater tanks, but right now, I'm settling for just the garden...

This morning I played in my team's hockey finals, and assisted in the sole goal scored during the game. It was a pretty amazing game; we definitely brought our best play this week. People were doing all the right stuff, things came together, and we won! We really needed things to come together, though - the team we played against were tough stuff, and next week's team will be, once again, a hard game.

On the plus side, my body doesn't ache as badly as it did last weekend. Now I just have to hold it all together to next weekend. (You should have seen the face my sister made when she discovered we'd made it through to the finals; she's 'eh' on winning/losing, but since she gets to listen to me complain about how my body creaks, she has a vested interest in me not playing.

Then I came home, washed the kumquats and made kumquat brandy and kumquat whiskey. There's still enough kumquats to make some spiced preserves, though, so I might have to get to that tomorrow.

And now I'm going to angst over my nominations for Yuletide. Only three slots for nominations? WHERE'S THE LOVE?!?
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Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 08:43 am
I actually slept the night through last night, instead of waking up at 4am, but I'm still tired. The back still aches, but it's easing. As a result, I think summer hockey is out. I might offer to play occasionally, if a team is short, but I think my body needs the break...

Also starting to worry that I've cracked or damaged a bone near the base of my spine. The increased sensitivity/twinges in my feet, the relative ease with which my back goes out… The problem is that I had all the MRIs 18 months ago and they came back clear, so I don't want to do it all over again (paying for the scans) and discover, no, actually everything's fine.

Three assignments are in (and in need of revision, although these will do), one to go. Should be an easy one (hahahahaha) would be easier if recip had asked for my fave, but can do this otherwise. Next time, though, self, CHECK THE DUE DATES!
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Monday, September 4th, 2017 12:31 pm
Seriously screwed on the exchanges front. Why is everything due THIS WEEK?

Okay, and why did I pick up that Pinch Hit? Two of 'em, even! IDIOT.

But, yeah, struggling on the writing front. Of course, all my muse wants to write right now is smut; kissing, sexing, seducing, oh and a bit of fighting before kissing. And what's due? Gen exchanges and gen prompts, of course.

Tooth is still aching, headaches are getting worse, back went out again yesterday at hockey. I had a brief session of the shakes after working out in the garden, and I'm starting to wonder a bit about the soil on this plot; the house was built 55 years ago, right before they started caring what kinds of chemicals they'd pour out in the soil when the job was done... I'm quietly worrying that I'm poisoning myself with my garden.

We lost our 1st semis to the top team in the competition, but only in extra time, and after they had about a DOZEN short corners: one of the umpires was unbelievably crappy in her calls. I had several shots on goal, couldn't make any of them stick. Frustrating (and hot; temp was 28C easy, one of our players had a touch of heastroke after) but not entirely unexpected. Now we have to win against another team next week. And I need to get my back seen to ASAP, or I'm not going to be any use next weekend.
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Friday, August 25th, 2017 10:41 am
This week has revolved around my rarepairing entry, and next week will revolve around genex. Why did I pick up a pinch-hit? Why?

I feel like I've been having some kind of palpitations lately; I feel my heart a lot more, like it's working harder. This is of concern because I have crazy high cholesterol and I'm not on medication. However, the docs have held off putting me on medication because I have what they consider a low-risk lifestyle. I'm starting to wonder, though, if that's enough. So I'm going to deliberately embark on a low-cholesterol diet. I need to eat more fresh fruits and vegies anyway.

I've avoided posting about the same-sex marriage survey here in Australia as much as possible, particularly on FB. However, if I vote, it will be yes because of the legalities of partnership and the need for relationships of all stripes and types to be legally recognised, acknowledged, and given due rights in situations where the definition of 'next of kin' matters.

I think I need to improve my garden spacing. It's not very good right now, and I think my gardening is suffering as a result. But the weather is warming and it's time to plant! I think that will be something for the weekend...

I've applied for a job in Canberra where there are projects going that might pay me 30-40% more than I'm currently being paid, and which will be running for a couple of years. The downside is that if I get the job, my life in Sydney will go largely bye-bye for that length of time, because it will involve either living in Canberra or regularly commuting back on weekends...

Did you see the thing about the woman tried to scam to the NYT Bestseller list? It's an epic story. Oh, and if you want to read her really bad prose without buying a copy, Sarah M Carter has gotten hold of the book and is posting excerpts... As someone else noted: this is WILD.
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Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 08:45 am
Taking a leaf out of [personal profile] kass' book:

1. Cats who love being petted. A friend came by last night, and her cat is an "I will allow you to caress me at arm's length" kitty, while mine are both "Oh, you have a LAP! We are FOREVER FRIENDS!" cats.

2. The realisation that Diana is all of us who want to make the world a better place: fierce anger, fierce sorrow, bitter defeat at the enormity of our failings, and loving hope at our ability to change the world.

3. #Throwback Thursday on Spotify - soundtrack hits. Currently listening to Seal's "Kiss From A Rose" - I have no idea what this song is about, but I love the harmonics of it, and the 'bridges' between chorus and verse.

4. At some point in the last couple of days, I hit 400 subscribers on AO3. That's 400 people who want to be notified when I post any fanfic, because they'll at least give it a chance.

5. Just how many wonderful people and opportunities and gifts I have in my life. Including the friends I've made on the internet. Thanks, ppls.
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Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 08:55 am
In spite of the last post venting my spleen, things personally are actually quite good.

1. Little finger is still swollen but not hurting as much. Doctor hasn't called back about the x-rays, so I'm guessing I broke a blood vessel in the finger, or bruised the bone, but didn't break it. The x-rays didn't look broken to me, but I'm not a doctor; however, the silence probably means there's not much to worry about.

eta: just called the doc's office - good news! little finger not broken. Bad news: finger I broke 3 years ago hasn't joined back together - it's still technically broken...

2. I watched a bunch of vids last night on how to apply makeup when you have asymmetrical eyelids (one monolid, one hooded), and today I am wearing my new Eye Of Horus makeup. It's very subtle, because I'm not one for fancy and dramatic. I can't get a photo that I find satisfactory, though!

3. I have an idea for the first MCU AUfest fic (I picked up a PH, too).

4. Things are kind of quiet in the office right now, so I have time for writing!

5. We got a new vegie box delivered from a growers co-op kind of thing this week: it was sitting on my back step when I walked out to catch the bus this morning. Looking forward to seeing what's in it...
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Friday, June 2nd, 2017 08:13 am
Awful as the #LondonBridge attack is, the English spirit is feisty - all colours, all races, all backgrounds. As a friend commented on Twitter this morning, the takedowns are strong with this one!

I don't have any friends presently in London, although I have had in the past.


Some sections of Australian Christianity (and for at least some of these people, I'm using the term very lightly) are calling for the same kind of Muslim Ban that Republican 45 has instigated.

I think for me, the irony is that such a ban from Christians assumes that the greatest good for a Christian is to be safe, secure, and prosperous in an unthreatening society. Which I think is completely the wrong focus, and is quite probably where western Christianity has gone way off the rails - and why we're stagnating while the 3rd world faith is growing.


There's now a sedoretu promptfest on AO3, along with a collection to add stories to. I've picked up a Twelfth Night prompt (and picked up, then released a Narnia-Archenland one), and the story only has to be 1000 words...

The collection (Morning, Evening, Day, Night) will take any sedoretu stories. I started adding Sharp Evening Stars And Bright Morning Flame stories to it, before I decided against it and took them off. I'm feeling sensitive lately, in a "nobody likes me, they're just not going to say anything and will laugh behind my back" kind of way. I'll add at least the last story - the one where they get together - eventually. When I'm feeling less tender about my character and writing choices.


And, to add on top of everything, I (probably) broke my finger at hockey yesterday. Again. Although not the same finger. Typing is an achey proposition right now, and I am two weeks into new work where I think they're realising they don't need me as much (or as urgently) as they thought they would.

I'm guessing that I won't be getting that second quilt finished for the show after all.

And to top it all off, I'm getting a crown capping done this evening on The Tooth. Yes, that one. (Which is still giving me trouble, but the dentist is worried about it falling apart before they can get the crown on it.)
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Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 03:28 pm
Had lunch. Am now in the food coma zone. Coffee will probably have to follow shortly, although I usually try to avoid two cups in a day.

(Does anyone else get kind of high on a second cup of coffee? Like your brain goes a little floaty.)


The 1-6 tooth (with the root canal) is feeling vaguely 'fizzy' again. I'm not sure it's ever going to feel 'normal' again. I'm also getting mild aches in the head again, and the right foot is again feeling very sensitive.

I'm chalking all this up to playing hockey - increased sensitivity in one part buzzing all the pain and sensitivity channels in the rest of my body. It's still a little disturbing, and kind of exhausting.


Parentals are home on Friday, B1 will probably move back in that night. It will be nice to have someone else in the house again.

And then I offered to cook dinner on Saturday...


Australian Populism: What If Australia already had its Trump moment...and it was Tony Abbott?

Perhaps not all is lost?

Mind you, Australia is very different to the rest of 'the West' - ocean borders, a much younger nationalistic identity and therefore not as entrenched, a western country in a very non-white region, and one of the most urban populations in the world with corresponding intermingling of culture and influx of immigrants. As a result, the reasons that populism has perhaps passed are not necessarily going to be replicated in Europe and the North Americas.


Sydney Writer's Festival: Six Things We Learned

1. "On Such Small Things Do Fate And The Future Depend": Hitler, Drugs, the Third Reich, And The Movement Of Mussolini.
2. "Not What You Can Write, But How Do You Write It?": A white man writes a story about a black man raping a white woman and hands it in to his black Lit teacher. It's gonna be a long discussion class tomorrow...
3. "The Immigrant And The Xenophobe Are Close Cousins When It Comes To The Concept Of Refuge": is refuge what we seek or what we defend? Is refuge a refuge if it isn't exclusionary by nature and therefore sought?
4. "The White Gaze And Review Culture": White people can review anything, but Indigenous reviewers are only relevant when it's Indigenous culture.
5. "As Many Brits Living Outside Of Britain as Syrians Living Outside Of Syria": facts and the distortion of them for false inference.
6. "There's Always Someone In The Audience Who Wants To Get Their Id Out In Public": #NotAllAudienceQuestions


Racism: Poisonous Racism At The Root Of Western Societies

“This is my history too,” Tempest continued, her voice shaky. “I’m living it, it’s happening. We are at the end of colonial history, British history. I want to say something to you, I want to be able to talk about it. Guilt is not good enough any more. Guilt is narcissism. Your guilt is about you. My guilt is about me. It’s not good enough.

“Empathy. Empathy, humility, reparation and change,” she urged.
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Monday, May 29th, 2017 08:56 am
I had:
  • breakfast with a friend
  • osteopath appointment
  • planting out and cleaning up the garden
  • binding the Duct Tape Galaxy
  • quilting group sew-in
  • watch Team 1 hockey
  • play Team 3 hockey
  • go to church
  • buy hamburger for Sunday night dinner and wonder where the weekend went so damn fast!
So, yeah, the weekend was a thing that happened in a really short period of time.

First full week at work, and obviously they don't have me so super busy I don't have time to write an entry about my weekend.

I'm going to see Wonder Woman this Thurday when it comes out in Australia - the 6:30pm session with a bunch of friends. I'm very excited (and, y'know, pretty uncritical b/c WONDER WOMAN MOVIE WOOHOO) and if I like it enough, I may drag another friend (or two) along at some point on the rest of opening weekend. (And movie tickets around here are NOT CHEAP, LET ME TELL YOU.)


(And I need icons.)

But I have to get from here to there first. Which means looking at that problem that has just popped up on my work dash.

Also: leaving you a link from the Sydney Writer's Festival: “It’s been comforting to come here and talk to so many people who understand why we’re panicked and share that panic, to feel like we’re not just alone in our freaking out.”

You are not alone in your freaking out.
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Friday, May 19th, 2017 07:56 am
*hugs to all the people who've been following my unemployment travails the last six months*


1. Get last details for 2016 tax return off
2. Get employment details sorted out for signing.
3. Set up blocks to be sewn for 2nd show quilt (much more basic, but if I can get a little bit done every night by setting all the pieces up in bags, simply to be sewn together, then it'll make everything a whole lot faster).
4. Finish Maria's section of 'slightly complicated' (should be 'bloody complicated and stubborn to boot', honestly)
5. Find spaces to plant out seedlings so they actually grow, also clear away spaces up against the fence which is being replaced next Wednesday.


I kind of wish my mother was home (she's in Spain, she and my stepfather have eaten their way through Spain and Portugal and are having an absolutely BALL of a time). I could get her to help move things from the garden...

Saturday is sewing day (more time to get things organised) and then the Nutcracker ballet at the Opera House that night - I haven't seen this version of the ballet since I was 20...

Sunday is at least one hockey game, possibly two. (I'm a bit iffy about the second one, my foot has not been very happy since playing two games last Sunday, training on Tuesday, and going ice skating on Wednesday.)

Quilting of Technicolor Galaxy is on Monday.

Job starts on Tuesday.
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Thursday, April 20th, 2017 06:03 pm
So, it's the weirdest thing actually having to go 40 entries back through my Readlist in the space of a day. WEIRD. I haven't had to do that in, oh, about 8 years (and that was LJ).

Mind you, a lot of those entries are the 2017revival introductions and the comm that lets you know about new comms popping up. And friends who are crossposting from twitter and instagram.

Still, that's a helluva lot more action than I've seen in a while!

(And it's kind of good. Not quite the meta-y stuff that I have long been longing for around here, but nice to see some activity. Here's hoping it remains active!)


story of a quilt )

Tonight, I have to dig up some lemongrass, only it's already dark outside. Luckily, the lemongrass is right in the line of my headlights as my car is parked in the carport. SCORE! I'm digging up a clump of lemongrass to swap with a woman 30 mins away whose parents have an olive tree whose olives are ripe. Basically, I'm going to try curing my own olives. Probably by brining them since that looks like it involves less water. (But will probably end with them more salty. Oh well.)

I also have to drop around to a friend's house and check on her cat. They've gone to visit the US and while a friend is coming to stay in a day or two, I'm occasionally looking after the cat.

family stuff )

Today I logged into an application for the type of work I do...and discovered that my company has not yet severed the connection between my login for that app and their partner grouping. So I still have access to all their trouble tickets for the customers on that app... Oops!

Finally, Not Primetime sign-ups are GO!

(And thank you to whoever picked up my smut swap pinch hit. I hope the other lonely PH recip has also found a home.)

This has been a ramble straight out of my brain. Sorry about that...
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Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 10:36 pm
Hockey training tonight. I didn't realise it was going to be 'warm' (16C) and wore heavy stuff. Which I then had to run around in and it was hot!

Also, new training coach, who runs us a lot more, uses different terminology, and is very verbal in his explanation (not always the most helpful with women who are tired and not entirely compos mentis).

It was an interesting session. Good, because I needed the run and got to practise some skills, but so tiring.

Now I'm home, and all I want to do is go to bed. Which I think I will. And may very well fall asleep before midnight at this rate...

Oh, and the osteo stuck more needles in me today, so they ache too.
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Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 10:15 am
I'm enjoying the time off; time to quilt, to write, to plant my garden. However, my sister is getting tense about not having any income (hers, in particular, but mine also).

I have gotten a lot of quilting done! Including making a pussy hat block:

Pussy hat block

It's only 5.5" unfinished - 5" square finished - but is going to be in the corners of the Sydney Mod SQuaD (Sewists, Quilters, and Dressmakers) Group quilt for the year, photos of which I will have up later. It was a round robin, and I did the centre medallion, and half of the outermost border.


Jaw is not getting better. It's not getting worse, so far as I can tell, but it's not getting better. I haven't spoken to the oral surgeon just yet; we're going with some osteopath work first. *shrugs*


On Friday, I'm doing nails for a dozen women from a far north set of islands who have come down to Sydney for the Mardi Gras. Apparently they're trans, and a friend asked me if I was interested/willing to help with giving them manicures. Sure thing!

I should really do my own nails before then; they've been natural for a few days after repeated manicures and polishes, just giving them a bit of time to recover (but not too much, otherwise they split).


Writing; very little inspiration to write. Will have to get back into the 20 minutes every hour writing that produced some of my longer works.


I have not been posting about politics; things are getting bad here, too. I really have to broach the matter of getting a group together to the friend I'm sitting and sewing with this morning. Even some protest will let our (conservative) member know that we don't like what his party is doing.
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Monday, February 6th, 2017 05:42 pm
So I did watch the Superbowl and as introductions to sports go, it was definitely an interesting one to watch.

thoughts on sports, and a little stark sobriety )

Otherwise, today is easily 38C and in a house without a/c I have zero focus, which is proving fatal for my [community profile] chocolateboxcomm. I'm melting! What a world...

activist things )


I took one of those 'political personality' tests for Australian politics and am apparently an activist egalitarian and a progressive cosmopolitan, with a squidge of ambitious saver which I probably could have told you if I'd had the language for it. :)

activist egalitarian and progressive cosmpolitan )

Does that mean I should avoid talking about tax to myself? :)

Details of the various types are here (Sydney Morning Herald)


I suspect I'm about to fall behind in the [community profile] halfamoon prompts...
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Friday, January 20th, 2017 09:55 am
My mother reads my FB updates and then sends me text messages about them. Oh, mum, that's not how it works...


[personal profile] beatrice_otter on the myth of the middle class.


Rec: Did I rec this art? Last year in the [community profile] snowflake_challenge, I mentioned I wanted an Art Nouveau graphic of Maria Hill, wielding a weapon, and [archiveofourown.org profile] Dylan_m provided one for me!


It is BEAUTIFUL and you can see it (and kudos it) here at AO3: Rebirth.


two links:

White Fragility: why it's so hard to talk to white people about racism

Stuff White People Do: Refuse To Shut Up And Listen When Black People Speak


Ooh! Just found an unidentified link in my 'links list': turns out it's a "host or attend a dinner for new Australians in your area" project.

The Welcome Dinner

I've signed up for my area. Not sure if or when something will come up, but I'm pretty good at outreach.


Anyone got questions for my March Meme? I have a couple so far...
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Monday, January 16th, 2017 03:15 pm
My Marvel diorama, a.k.a. "A Version of Civil War That Addresses The Question 'Does Great Power Really Come With Great Responsibility Or Just A Moral Free Pass?'"

happens to involve Maria and Pepper )

Anyway, I set all this up because I went to look at the review of the Maria Hill doll and found no comments and the guy said "Maria won't be the centre of anyone's Avengers toy display" and I said, "Hold my drink".


Let's say there's a disease making the rounds. You can get a vaccination for it, but there are side effects - dizziness, nausea, exhaustion for a while before it kicks in and you're generally okay after, sometimes there's mild scarring at the injection site.

The disease is...well, it's been known to be deadly, or very close. At the least, it's debilitating, the symptoms last for years, and it's contagious.

Let's assume that the vaccine is free: would you take it and risk the side effects?


Clearing out the quilting room has resulted in the discovery of a great many things that I'd kind of forgotten I even had...

I think I might need to have a goal of at least 1 quilt top a month, and at least 6 finished quilts by the end of the year - not counting my show quilts (at least 2).

And no more fabric purchases...


Dammit. I may have to go to the big hardware store AGAIN after going every day for the last four. But I fear I really do need the watering system in before tomorrow's heatwave. My back garden is not doing so well (and neither is the front one, but at least there's a watering system in).


Went to the gym for the first time in a year. I'm going to try to get back to going regularly this month, before I cancel the membership when I'm made redundant... I just realised it's been about 5 years since I regularly went to the gym (as in religiously, week in, week out) and all that time I've been paying a chunk of money for a gym membership.

I'd like to boost my muscle, make my metabolism work better, and redevelop my fitness. I may have to accept that I will never be as fit as I was at 24, or even at 34, but I can damn well not be down for the count at 44...
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Friday, January 13th, 2017 08:57 am
So my father has never been good with money. I like to say I get my profligacy, my hope of 'a good deal' and my willingness to bet on schemes from him.

However, while he was in Sydney for 10 days, he borrowed my car for transport and returned it with the dent beaten out of the hood (encounter with a frangipani tree; don't ask), and the inside cleaned to a tee.

Me, being me, didn't even notice until I was picking up some dirty water barrels (and discovered, to my dismay, that only two of them would fit in my car) and shoving them in my car with reckless disregard for the cleanliness of the upholstery.

I'm still salty that he wasn't any good at supporting us - either emotionally or financially - through our adolescence - but it's kind of nice to have a clean car...


I got up this morning, planning to do some planting. I started setting up seedling punnets, set out the corn for planting out in the garden, was all ready to plant the last of the tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, capsicums, pumpkins and so forth that have been sitting around in seed packs for forever...

And then, while dragging something out of storage, I smashed a spotlight that had been sitting around after I decided not to have it installed for the garden outdoors. Cue sweeping up the mess...and since the porch area was a mess, I rearranged and swept the porch a little while at it.

I think this is the cleanest I've seen it for...I don't know how long! Since we moved in? Quite possibly.

Then while cleaning, I pulled out the BBQ grill that I picked up free a couple of years back and started scraping the gunk of that. And once I started, I had to complete it, didn't I?

Anyway, it needs a few new parts; I need to get a connector for the gas bottle (and check that there's gas in it) and test whether the burners are going to shatter/explode when I light them up. (They're enamel/cast iron, and they've charred and flaked something awful. If I decide to keep the BBQ, then I will probably go for stainless steel, but it's a lot more expensive. We don't even do BBQs all that often...)

So. Neat!


I'm supposed to be taking B1 to the doc to get her stitches out, but she hasn't gotten up yet. And she has a dental appt in the city for a checkup at 11:30, which means she has to be on a 10:30 train from the station. That's one hour...

eta: turns out her appointment was 9:40pm and she missed it.


It's heading for 40C today...
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Thursday, December 29th, 2016 08:14 am
Starting a local movement. I know at least one woman living in my area who has many FB people who don't like Australia's current stance on refugees.

Job prospects for 2017.

Working out how to minister more to people-who-are-not-like-me and people-who-don't-have-my-opportunities.

Spending more time in contact with my cousin's wife, who is just starting out writing.

George Michael. Carrie Fisher. Vera Rubin.

epitaphs of heroism )
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Saturday, December 17th, 2016 12:04 pm
Christmas Day is a quiet one with the parentals, the sistren, and possibly a few aunts and uncles. Mum has some simple Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls planned for lunch, and a few bits and pieces for dessert.

Boxing Day (the 26th) will be the big bash with relatives and ALL THE FOOD EVER HOMG.

Dad comes in on the 30th (hopefully not at the same time as my friend's birthday lunch). Oh bugger. I need to work out presents for him, stepmother, stepbrother, and stepmother's sis...

Made some things for gifts to go to older kids/women. I was already donating to a couple of shelters/organisations that assist DV survivors, but sometimes I imagine it's nice for people to get something that can be personally theirs.

a small pile of boxy pouches )

I've always believed in the importance of doing and not just saying; and I feel I've been a bit lazy these last five to ten years. And, naturally, just as I start looking for options, I lose my job. On one hand, that means I have more time to do things. On the other, it means part of the scramble will be to develop resources to fill in the holes. If I can't find the money, then things will start having to slip through the gaps.

We'll worry about that when it comes.
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Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 10:38 pm
First Dog On The Moon: featuring Brenda The Civil Disobedience Penguin.


In the vein of 'actions, not just wishing and dreaming and hoping and praying for a better world', here's John Pavlovitz's take on Why Christians Need To Stop Praying.

prayer and action )


Oh, and for a touch of blackly humourous sarcasm (the kind I really like), have some Roy Zimmerman, "To The Victims Of This Tragedy We Send Our Thoughts And Prayers":