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Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 10:24 am
I spent all of yesterday trying to debug a program that wasn't working the way it should - wasn't even getting me to the preliminary stage, after which i could do some code adjustments.

This morning, I realised that, because of the way the system is set up, the customer's buyer details may be different to the shipping destination details may be different from the billing department details, and the program that I've been trying to get working is trying to send an email to the billing department of a company which doesn't have an email address for that billing department, although the company itself has a contact email address...

Sometimes the job is sisyphean; sometimes it's just torturous. Either way, today is going to be long and unpleasant.
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Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 08:41 am
Had a discussion with my contracting company on Friday and the project manager this morning. Looks like I'll be here until at least September. After that, we'll see what other work there is.

It's kind of quiet right now, but we're still in development, and it's probably going to get busy by the end of July when we go into testing and the users start to break the work we've done and complain how nothing works the way it used to. (They always do.)

My bank balance is kind of relieved to have the work, though. I just have to keep from buying everything in sight (or spending everything on food). And holidays will probably have to wait until October-ish. Ideally, I would have something until December, get to take the summer off (and spend some time with [personal profile] grav_ity when she comes to Oz), and then plunge back in again in January...

I wonder if I could negotiate, say, 4 days a week for the next couple of weeks? If they're paying me daily, but I'm not needed every day of the week (which i'm not right now and probably won't until we go into testing), I could maybe get some stuff done at home. I just don't quite know how to bring this up with the manager...
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Thursday, June 1st, 2017 09:10 am
"This field is wrong."

"This data is incorrect."

"This program doesn't do what it's supposed to do."

When you bring something to a programmer, you gotta get specific. "Wrong" or "incorrect" can mean a lot of things, from 'it's not the output I expected' to 'it's not the output that is appropriate to this field/document/project' to 'this data and field should not even exist it is a blight upon all things organised'.


Also in the category of Wrongness Upon Wrongness:

"Too many email? Get notifications on your phone!"

So you can notify me all the time, day and night, wherever I am with my phone (which is rather more places than I go with my computer)? Uh. NO, THANK YOU.


These aren't gripes about the place I'm working, per se. They're just the general frustrations of being a coder in a world full of system analysts...
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Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 08:42 am
[community profile] slowburnbigbang sounded good at first click for 'a practical acquaintance with bees' but then I discovered the 'slow burn' part isn't how long it takes you to write it, but the relationship's development.

It might work for the fake marriage story I'm writing?


I advance bought a novel by one of my favourite authors - Anne Calhoun, and the notification arrived in my inbox at 12:01am. I had it read by 2:30am. And then I got up at 6:30am to come to work.

Speaking of which, I actually have work to today. Guess I'd better get on that...
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Friday, May 19th, 2017 07:56 am
*hugs to all the people who've been following my unemployment travails the last six months*


1. Get last details for 2016 tax return off
2. Get employment details sorted out for signing.
3. Set up blocks to be sewn for 2nd show quilt (much more basic, but if I can get a little bit done every night by setting all the pieces up in bags, simply to be sewn together, then it'll make everything a whole lot faster).
4. Finish Maria's section of 'slightly complicated' (should be 'bloody complicated and stubborn to boot', honestly)
5. Find spaces to plant out seedlings so they actually grow, also clear away spaces up against the fence which is being replaced next Wednesday.


I kind of wish my mother was home (she's in Spain, she and my stepfather have eaten their way through Spain and Portugal and are having an absolutely BALL of a time). I could get her to help move things from the garden...

Saturday is sewing day (more time to get things organised) and then the Nutcracker ballet at the Opera House that night - I haven't seen this version of the ballet since I was 20...

Sunday is at least one hockey game, possibly two. (I'm a bit iffy about the second one, my foot has not been very happy since playing two games last Sunday, training on Tuesday, and going ice skating on Wednesday.)

Quilting of Technicolor Galaxy is on Monday.

Job starts on Tuesday.
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Thursday, May 18th, 2017 02:10 pm
I don't think I've ever gotten a job quite this fast. Send resume in Monday. Interview Wednesday. Job offer on Thursday. Start on Tuesday!

Contract is initially for six weeks, but if I do a decent job, then the project goes to the end of the year and the remuneration is good.

And now the panic button. I have SO MANY THINGS TO DO before I start working full time again! And I have to fit them neatly into the next four days...
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Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 09:46 pm
Got a call at 4:30 from a guy I handed my resume in to, thinking he was another recruitment specialist. Turns out, he's the owner/boss/HR guy of a company that does what my old company used to do before they got bought out by Big American Corporation, with two people I've worked with before - one of them the woman who connected me to the last job!

The job would involve going out as a contractor to companies for short stints, getting the job done, but very small, simple stuff - not the fancy pants new tech - which suits me fine, TBH. And there's some flexibility in it - they were asking what days I'm free, whether I have family and needed to work around any arrangements...

The owner/boss/HR guy talked to me for about 20 minutes, then set up a call from his more technically minded co-owner/colleague for tomorrow afternoon. Five minutes later, tech-minded co-owner/colleague called and we chatted about my skills and what I knew, things I'd worked with, and so forth.

I think it went well?

It sounds pretty good, all things considered. And it sounds like they're willing to offer me either contract or permanent at this point. I asked for contract for the moment and owner/boss/HR guy seemed pretty pleased with that.

It will mean an end to the last six months of futzing around, and it's been really rather nice, but it will also mean income, which is also really rather nice, so...

Cross fingers, send vibes, pray!
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Thursday, April 20th, 2017 06:03 pm
So, it's the weirdest thing actually having to go 40 entries back through my Readlist in the space of a day. WEIRD. I haven't had to do that in, oh, about 8 years (and that was LJ).

Mind you, a lot of those entries are the 2017revival introductions and the comm that lets you know about new comms popping up. And friends who are crossposting from twitter and instagram.

Still, that's a helluva lot more action than I've seen in a while!

(And it's kind of good. Not quite the meta-y stuff that I have long been longing for around here, but nice to see some activity. Here's hoping it remains active!)


story of a quilt )

Tonight, I have to dig up some lemongrass, only it's already dark outside. Luckily, the lemongrass is right in the line of my headlights as my car is parked in the carport. SCORE! I'm digging up a clump of lemongrass to swap with a woman 30 mins away whose parents have an olive tree whose olives are ripe. Basically, I'm going to try curing my own olives. Probably by brining them since that looks like it involves less water. (But will probably end with them more salty. Oh well.)

I also have to drop around to a friend's house and check on her cat. They've gone to visit the US and while a friend is coming to stay in a day or two, I'm occasionally looking after the cat.

family stuff )

Today I logged into an application for the type of work I do...and discovered that my company has not yet severed the connection between my login for that app and their partner grouping. So I still have access to all their trouble tickets for the customers on that app... Oops!

Finally, Not Primetime sign-ups are GO!

(And thank you to whoever picked up my smut swap pinch hit. I hope the other lonely PH recip has also found a home.)

This has been a ramble straight out of my brain. Sorry about that...
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Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 10:08 am
Mostly it's just trying to make sure that everything is cleared off my HD, including passwords and apps and suchlike, and saying goodbye to people.

I came in at 8am this morning, I plan to be gone after lunch. Must talk to the woman doing my exit interview to check if we can get it done before lunch.

(The woman doing my exit interview is my previous line manager, before they shuffled everything around earlier this year and then I got to get told of my redundancy over the phone through a manager who'd never met me in person. Clusterfuck, much?

And that's not even counting that to tell me that a redundancy might be on my horizon (they hadn't actually made me redundant at the time), they arranged an appointment for 10am Monday morning and told me HR, my line manager, and his line manager would be there, and that I could bring a support person. They arranged this appointment at 10am Friday morning, leaving me 72 hours - including the weekend - to stew.

They're fucking lucky that I don't have anxiety, or I'd have been a mess by Monday. As it was, I contemplated the worst case scenarios, then stressed a little here and there over the weekend, but didn't let it bother me.

So, in conclusion: clusterfuck.)

I'm not sorry to leave the company; it used to be a good little company to work for, before it got bought out by a big Australian tech conglomerate, and then that got bought out by a big US tech-and-business conglomerate, and...wouldn't you know it, this is the company that gave me my first redundancy when they bought out the little company that I worked for from age 18 to age 24! Colour me surprised.

Anyway, mostly, I am scrubbing things from my laptop, and working out how to not only clear but erase my browser history in the shortest time possible. Oh, and must delete my Dropbox connection.

moment of greatest tech hilarity in this morass: Being told by the system that my password is about to expire - YESTERDAY.

One day to go and they want me to change my password? AHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, no, I didn't bother, and I seem to be okay and in the system right now, so...

I will be sorry to leave the people - there are some really good people here. It's a good place to work. Ah well, my job being what it is, I'm sure I'll encounter them in the future here, there, and everywhere...
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Thursday, December 8th, 2016 07:31 am
I have too many things to do right now.

  • Get my resume out. I need to restructure it, because 20 years of work at a dozen different clients is a bad and brain-blowing way to try to inform someone of your skillsets. On the other hand, I made the recruiter I saw yesterday laugh when I noted that I'd been working with this system for two decades and was practically an 'old lady of SAP'. (Note: I look like I'm in my late 20s, so most people boggle when I talk about being middle aged, let alone 'old'.)

  • Contact former co-workers asking if they know anyone who's looking for contractors.

  • Sort out present for younger stepbro with whom we are having 'Christmas Dinner' on Monday. Also possibly sort out present for older stepbro and wife.

  • Sort out presents for my cousins' kids. Six of them: five are receiving quilts - the youngest is 2 and probably won't appreciate one just yet; I'll give him a couple of years. I have at least two that need quilting and I can get those done reasonably fast - no fancy quilting, just the standard fiery curls.

  • make up fliers for New Years Eve street party: apparently I'm the only one who's willing to do it - park down the road, people bring a dish, the kids run around screaming, it's all good. If the worst comes to the worst we can probably hold it at our house. Or possibly at the house of the guy down the road who's just sold his place...

  • call endodontist: I'm going to have the RC redone, even though I suspect the tooth will eventually have to come out. A friend had the same symptoms that I did, but her tooth ached and ached and ached and ached until it went nuclear and HURT LIKE THE FUCKING GET ME TO HOSPITAL. I don't know that I want to wait that long (although it might turn out cheaper)

  • garden things: I want to grow ALL THE THINGS. Right now, the tomatoes are going off (they always do) the early corn I planted is rotting with only one decent cob in a planting of about 20, and has been significantly overtaken by the later corn. I need to plant another set. I have a capsicum that is doing nicely, a brussels sprout that probably isn't going to make it through the summer, and a couple of eggplants that are doing their level best to grow as fast as possible. Oh, and an oakleaf lettuce that's gone a little monster.

  • fruit trees: grargh argh. don't even ask.

  • yuletide: haven't even started, although I got a missing piece of the puzzle last night, so that's helpful.

  • captain hill secret santa: no idea what i'm going to write for this - do I write one of my existing plotbunnies even if it gives me away? Or do I start something entirely new?

  • treats and stockings and whatnot: [community profile] fandom_stocking | [community profile] chocolateboxcomm are up and running, and I have a dozen YT treats and no time or brain to write them...

  • I know that technically, not working should give me more time to do this. But it's that whole 'expanding resources' paradox that some of us experience; we always overbook ourselves, whether the resource is time, money, or justice for the world. (Ironically, miserly people in mind are also miserly in money, time, and justice for the world. It's like it's not how much money or security you have, it's whether you're capable of decency in the first place, and then you'll use your resources accordingly...)

  • gifts: for my bible study ladies, for my spiritual mentor, for various friends...

  • cards: gotta get these out, dammit ( I do this every year.)
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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 08:28 am
I'm being made redundant on the 31st Jan.

The usual redundancy period is 4 weeks, they're giving us 6-7 weeks out of deference to Christmas/end of year/holidays. I get paid regularly up until then, unless I find a job sooner and then I can take the redundancy sooner, along with the redundancy package.

The redundancy package is pretty much a quarter of a year's salary for me, so I won't be left destitute.

Hopefully I can get a job in the new year (which means starting applying now) for contract work, which pays rather better.

Between now and then, I'm on 'garden leave' which is basically where you're still employed by the company, you get paid, but you're not actively working for them. It's kind of a preventative leave, to keep you from, say, destroying their systems or their reputation with clients by badmouthing them.

As things go, I'm pretty okay with it. I've been made redundant before, with rather less notice, and I've stretched a redundancy payout before. I don't have to worry about income over the holiday period, and my sister and I deliberately made the decision not to mortgage ourselves to the hilt, so the payments are fairly marginal and she's mostly the one making them.

Mostly, right now, it's the inconvenience of having to scramble for a new job.
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Friday, December 2nd, 2016 07:54 am
Your creative goal always exceeds your creative capability.

My youngest sister, B2, inherited her ability to flail from our father, who last night enacted the 70-year-old-man version of what B2 does when faced with a situation that's not to her satisfaction.

If they don't offer me a redundancy on Tuesday, I'm going to be rather annoyed.

December is going to be crazy busy this year creatively, since November was pretty much a wipeout. I have fic exchanges that aren't written, and gifts that are unmade, and so many things to do...

A person who has the time on social media to criticise but not sympathise is not a friend.

Everything is growing right now. EVERYTHING.

Better an evening spent with ladies of like mind and loving spirit than to go drinking with work colleagues, even #onelasttime.

I hate this part of trouble ticket support: basically scrounging time every day to make up a full day. UGH.
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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 11:03 am
Last week I was studying for Certification.

This week, I'm studying for Certification, working with two different clients, being sent requests for time, assistance, and investigation.

Maybe I should have written my Yuletide assignment earlier...
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Monday, November 21st, 2016 10:55 am
It's not wrong to prep.

If all the panic is wrong, then sure, prepping for all the things that might happen (and are more likely to happen to people without money, without power, without hegemonic advantage) will have been a lot of effort for nothing.

If the panic turns out to be justified, on the other hand, then at least there'll be plans in place, and after the initial emotional and mental shutdown of "this can't be happening" then there'll be rescue frameworks in place (or the knowledge of how to get the hell out of dodge).


I'm rather intrigued by the response to my sedoretu series.

The two pairings I expected to do best - Maria/Steve (for which I'm known) and Steve/Bucky (which is popular) - are way behind the usual hit-to-kudos ratio, as is the Natasha&Steve story (another popular interaction/pairing). Meanwhile, Maria/Natasha is par for the course, and the Maria&Bucky story is going great guns!

I don't think many people are reading all the stories - sedoretu fics are not for people who want to see their OTP do happily ever after.

Come to think of it, if people are reading all the way through, then they probably kudos at the end of the existing set of stories, which would be Maria&Bucky...


Tooth is still causing discomfort. I have a new mouthgard which helps at night, but whatever is wrong with the tooth is not getting better.


Work has me doing piecemeal right now; they don't have a steady client, so I'm working with a lot of support stuff...
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Friday, October 28th, 2016 08:59 am
The client I'm working at now kind of reminds me of my first workplace; it's that same "company that's been around since the 50s, and has kind of upgraded-ish to the 70s in office decor, and has all the necessary IT hardware but a lot of their 'systems procedures' are still kept in hardcopy folders.

The desk I'm at - possibly once a secretary's desk - still has a couple of folders labelled "Corporate Accounts: Information Handbook" and "Cheque Res" on the shelf...

It's that kind of a place, and it's kind of...comforting.
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Friday, October 14th, 2016 08:37 am
I find it...concerning? Distressing? Terrifying? At any rate, it's sincerely worrying when a 40 year old virgin like myself knows more about consent, and sexual assault vs sexual domination than what appears to be a large proportion of sexually active adults in western society.

5 Helpful Answers To Society's Most Uncomfortable Questions: about privilege and how to recognise that you're not just a leaf, but the whole tree. Also, I like his perspective on the rise of the human race: we've gotten better at taking away the barriers that allow poor, non-white, non-male geniuses to rise, and our society has become overall more productive and more varied - but at the same time, the 'rules' our grandparents operated under no longer apply - because of that variation.

How America Lost It's Fucking Mind: An entertaining and yet very true perspective on the cultural divides between urban and rural. I think this applies pretty heavily to Australia, too, as a country with a combination of highly urban/highly rural areas, and a fierce cultural divide. And while we didn't elect a Trump for PM, Pauline Hanson is much the same political type.

The Rise Of Authoritarianism (and Donald Trump): Really interesting in that Trump is merely the indicator, not the actual movement. And the movement will continue long after Trump is defeated. (And dear heavens, he has to be. Seriously. Y'all cannot be that stupid. Surely.)

The Widow And The Judge: the thing I'm taking from this is the line "God's justice will come, sometimes through human judicial processes...and sometimes in spite of them." I'm not sure whether the writer is alluding to the current political candidtates in the US, or just generally the political situation.

They Vote For You (Australian): a site which I need to take a closer look at. Not that my rep votes in a way that I'd like: he's Australian Liberal/National party (conservative/right-wing) and I lean left. Pretty heavily left. According to this site, though, he has 93% attendance and always votes the party line. Depressing, considering what the Libs are trying to push in Australian politics.

Understanding Urban Agriculture: Part 1 | Part 2: of interest to me because of gardening. Going to need to take some time to read through this.

Presently: reading through the employment contract they're urging us to sign and return (we got bought out by monstrous big acquisitional American company, and so our employment contracts are changing: the meeting in which someone came and talked about the job she does was not encouraging).

- apparently remunerations, vacation requirements are kept, etc.
- a clause that cites we're not supposed to work for a company whose interests might run contrary to current employer for at least six months. For a programmer of my type, this is pretty close to employment death.

It sounds really punitive in contract, although most of the time it doesn't get executed in person. Most of the time.

I should have done this two weeks ago, but kept on putting it off/forgetting and it's due by COB today...

Current sewing project: pattern-testing a bag.

Another progress photo. #shilohsatchel

...and I need to get some more panadol. B2 has snitched all ours...
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Thursday, October 13th, 2016 08:15 am
Headaches. I mean, it's not even 48 hours after I got the implant out, but headaches at the right temple.

stuff )



we're back in fandom limbo )


work )

Ugh. Life.
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Friday, September 23rd, 2016 09:10 am
Writing things, mostly rambling to myself.

Dance Me To The End Of Love )

I have the ending in place, although there are still a few things in flux...


Sharp Evening Stars And Bright Morning Flame is satisfactorily plotted out. Can I write it in the next 3 weeks? I'm doubtful.

I seem to have overreached myself in due dates right now.

There's [community profile] crossovering and [community profile] marvel_poc, both of which have plotbunnies, only they're pretty decently sized ones and will probably be written right up to the deadline.

I signed up for a quilting swap for Marvel characters about a month ago, and am planning to make a polygon hulk shoulder bag. Paper piecing is harder and more intricate than it looks.

And then I signed up to pattern-test a new bag pattern which is due...you guessed it - October!

Summercomp hockey starts up in the 2nd half of October, too.

And a 'proof of concept' has been floated at work, and I got assigned to it. Only I'm the database and the main interface, and I've been working on another project for the last couple of weeks. The UI developer has more or less stepped away from the project in disgust and concern that it's not managed properly, and the project managers are all either really high up, or else in sales and more concerned with whether it's pretty enough and not whether it does anything that the proof of concept is wanting.

Plus, new tech and skills. Always harder to do than just leaping into something familiar...

So I'm a bit stressed right now.

On the plus side, the parentals come home from the US by mid-October, so I get B2 back in the house. It'll be nice to have someone at home to come home to and chat with.
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Sunday, August 28th, 2016 07:45 pm
So, as soon as I handed in the story to the Marvel Bang, the muse promptly deserted me.

I've re-written the next scene at least five times so far and I just can't get the banter right. And I'm thinking I have to rewrite some of the earlier stories to be longer and develop the dynamics better. At least one of them could do with some fleshing out now that I have a better idea of the characters, where they are, how they're going to interact in this universe, etc. And I'm thinking it wasn't such a good idea to submit a poly-ship story for someone to produce a fanwork for. MCU artists are not generally multishippers in my experience. So I'll likely end up with someone who likes one of the pairings, but not any of the others...

I was spoiled last time I did this - my artist for the last Marvel Bang was good - as in, she did art of the characters in the scenes from the story, in a realistic style, and the art looked like the characters! I don't think she's in the fandom anymore, alas.

health things )
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Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 03:30 pm
Did I tell you about the client who interviewed me for 'cultural fit' and then expressed the view that i was "overqualified" for the role?

They started haggling how many days they'd need me, and then the price. Which is, frankly, ridiculous. Because out of all the developers in the company, I would say that I am one of the LEAST QUALIFIED so far as our area goes. If they get any of the other guys (I think they're all guys in Sydney and the job would be for a guy) then they'd get me ON TURBO.

So there went that six-month client contract. *throws hands in the air*

Anyway, they can't say that it was my 'fault' - unless it's a problem that I'm OVERQUALIFIED for the work they were going to do. (It was some support - pedestrian, run of the mill - and some development - a little more challenging - which I thought was going to be a nice mix.)

SO now they're desperately shoving me at anything that might stick. Currently, it's an internal project that looks pretty interesting. I'll be hoping so...