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Thursday, July 20th, 2017 05:50 am
... I am so sorry that the link to my letter is broken. I forgot that I signed up, figured I missed the date, and deleted the link.

Thank you so much for writing for me. I hope that you don't stress about it, and enjoy both the process and the result.

  • Women at the centre of the narrative, fuelling the action, thinking, feeling, acting, having agency, or using what agency they have in the most effective way they have.
  • Female friendships: women working together, respecting each other's skills, valuing each others' differences, even if they don't like each other.
  • characters showing intimacy/friendship in ways appropriate to them
  • Alternate Universes: what-ifs in particular, but fusions, too - although usually not the 'mundane' kind - high school AUs, coffee shop AUs, etc.
  • stories of adventures and drama
  • slices of life
do not wants
  • Characters talking about things that aren't really in their typical character set: eg. Maria and Pepper giggling over men and makeup
  • Male characters taking over the story. (This shouldn't be a problem since we've matched on at least one woman in each relationship, but just in case.)
  • Background romantic relationships I haven't asked for.

Note: I've mentioned some romantic relationships in each fandom, however for this exchange I fully expect them to be background to the foreground and focal gen relationship that we matched on.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
For background pairings in this fandom: Maria/Steve, Pepper/Tony, Jane/Thor, Sam/Bucky, Peggy/Steve (back in the day), Peggy/Daniel. But you don't have to include any of them.

James "Bucky" Barnes & Maria Hill: The Winter Soldier and the Ice Queen of SHIELD (or some kind of 'frigid' moniker for Maria, because you just know Rumlow and his sort would have done that shit). How about the two of them working together after CACW? Or even before - what if Maria is the one to find Bucky, the one he comes to trust to get him out of the situation he's in? Or maybe Steve falls from the train and Bucky is Captain America and is frozen/defrosted in the timeline?
Maria Hill & Sam Wilson: I imagine Maria and Sam come at the same kind of humour from different ends - at least on the outside. He's casual and easy-going, she's serious and straightlaced, but I imagine they both have a fine sense of the wicked and droll. How would they connect, especially during/after CA:TWS, AoU, and CACW?
Maria Hill & Avengers Team: She's sitting with them at the afterparty, comfortable and chatty and teasing. She trusts them - she's drinking and wearing Steve's jacket - how did they get there? How did they respond to her, particularly those who perhaps didn't know her so well, or expected something else of her before she left SHIELD, or even before New York?
Maria Hill & Pepper Potts: Girlfriends - only not in your typical rom-com style. Women who rose in their organisations, who are not only trusted by the male leaders in their lives but also respected, who would make their judgements and hold their fire for a fellow woman who's risen in leadership. Women who make jokes about needing a drink and a good bitch to a trusted friend... And their combined absence in CACW? What if they're setting up the next 'Phase' of World Security? (Skip Spidey:Homecoming for the moment.) Also of interest to me: Pepper and Extremis and what it might have meant to her, being a superheroine.
Jane Foster & Maria Hill: Practical women dealing with the metaphysical and the metahuman, whose paths would have crossed, if not at SHIELD (who took such an interest in Jane that they sent her away when Loki appeared in NM) then in Avengers Tower when Maria is working there and Jane is seeing Thor. The story of an unlikely friendship...
Steve Rogers & Maria Hill: The 'behind the scenes' in CA:TWS and AoU give us a bigger picture of their relationship, but even without it - he doesn't question her presence at the conference table in the helicarrier, she regrets having to shoot him down with Insight, she speaks her mind to him on metamodifications as he speaks his mind to her, she pokes fun at him during a party while wearing his jacket. So how, exactly, did they reach this level of comfort and trust?
Peggy Carter & Maria Hill: The woman who started SHIELD and the woman who ended SHIELD (by telling Fury it had to be done). They must have interacted over the years - at the least, they'd have some curiosity about each other! Peggy seeing what opportunities she's given Maria, Maria seeing what she could become? I'd love something about their relationship with each other.

DC Cinematic Universe
I like Diana/Steve, Diana/Bruce, and Lois/Clark if you want to know what background pairings might be involved here. While it's possible that Diana had sex while on Themiscyra, there's a part of me that suggests it's unlikely because of her status/position/destiny. I certainly think that she would have explored sex with other women after the war, just not with Etta or Isabel Maru.

Diana & Antiope: Princess and General, but more than that, they're Godkiller and Trainer. How does Antiope feel about her princess' destiny? Train her harder and harsher and more completely than any Amazon before her? That's got to be a daunting task. And, for that matter, how does Diana feel about 'the greatest general of her people'? What legends are taught about Antiope and how does Diana feel she measures up to this?
Isabel Maru & Diana: I'd love to see their interactions after the end of the movie. Isabel survives, how does Diana deal with and reconcile this woman and everything she was, is, and has become. Does she start to understand Man's world better because of the woman whose life she spared, more as a concession to herself than to Dr. Maru? Justice and right is her destiny, but she gets to choose mercy and compassion with it.
Diana & Amazons: Any Amazons and/or all - although if you could detail Diana's interactions with the Amazons of color (her nurse, the senator), that would be wonderful! I wouldn't mind reading about the (inevitably) complicated relationship between Diana and her mother.
Lois Lane & Diana: Modern and ancient women, getting along in the aftermath of BvS. Maybe they don't see each other much, maybe they do - just to keep in contact, or because Lois is an investigative reporter and can't forbear from asking questions? Surely she'd come across the story of Diana in her research and follow it up?
Diana & Bruce Wayne: The potential for friendship between these two is excellent - both of them very physical warriors - one because it's her culture, the other one by choice. There's so many chances for comparison and connection between mortal and immortal, and I don't imagine Bruce hesitates because she's a woman - and Diana would like that.
Diana & Etta: Diana and Etta in the years after the war - either the ones where Diana is accustoming herself to the stupid vagaries of Man's World, or the years after (white) women get the vote, or even much later in life - the lead-up to WWII and how Diana justifies (or doesn't) her decision to get involved (or not). Does Etta argue for involvement, or is she the one saying to Diana that it will all die down? What about the juxtaposition of mortal and immortal friends - not the first time a friend dies, but perhaps the first time she has to watch a woman grow old and unappreciated in Man's World?
Diana & Napi "Chief": Napi would have a much more nuanced idea of how Man's World is completely FUBAR'd than Steve, but I like to think that while some bitterness would surely remain, he'd also have some compassion for Diana - like him, an exile from her land through choice (although he can go back, I doubt he'd want to see what the US government is making of his people). Do they share customs? This may take a delicate touch; I don't want Diana "smoking peace pipe" or being adopted into the ways of Napi's people. However I'd like to see the respectful exchange of information, both ways - and perhaps Chief's comfort in knowing that the customs that are being lost among his people are remembered by a woman who will live forever?

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
For this one, the pairings I like Harry/Luna, Harry/Ginny, Ginny/Neville, and Hermione/Ron, but only once they're out of school, and, again, only in the background and if you want to write them. They're options, not in any way mandatory.

Luna Lovegood & Harry Potter: So, I adored Luna's oddness and clarity both in OotP. I really liked that she was 'weird' and didn't particularly care, and I would love to see that 'willingness to be different' rub off on Harry (who resents his difference by the end of OotP). Harry taking Luna to Slughorn's party was GOLD, and I love the idea of their friendship going on beyond Hogwarts and into adulthood.
Luna Lovegood & Ginny Weasley: The idea of these two becoming friends over the years in spite of being in different houses is one that I particularly like. We never hear about the Gryffindor girls of Ginny's year, nor the Ravenclaws of Luna's year, so what did they think of each other, even before they ended up in the orbit of Harry and the DA?
Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood & Ginny Weasley: The 'secondary trio' - what adventures did they have together before and after the end of Harry & Neville's 7th year?
Hermione Granger & Luna Lovegood: Ruthlessly practical and impractically open-minded, these two would be the oddest of friends, but in the end I think Hermione wouldn't doubt Luna's loyalty, and Luna would see that perhaps a more practical approach to things such as shoes and luggage might not be a bad thing?
Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood: This is a relationship that I prefer as friends rather than romantic. How about the years after Hogwarts, when they're heroes - Harry's trusted circle? What if a major paper tries to do an article about them? (This could also work for the 'secondary trio' prompt above.)
Hermione Granger & Luna Lovegood & Ginny Weasley: Three very different girls growing into three very different women. Perhaps they have their own adventures once they're out of Hogwarts, with Hermione showing her friends how the Muggle world works, and Luna bringing her own version of 'magic' (thanks to the Statute of Secrecy) into the lives of Muggles as they wander the world?

Please note, all these are suggestions - a jumping-off point. Don't feel you absolutely must come up with the scenarios I've depicted to please me; just write the fandom and the friendship that we've matched on the way you see it, and I will love reading the result!


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