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January 31st, 2017

tielan: (don't make me shoot you)
Tuesday, January 31st, 2017 10:08 am
Mostly it's just trying to make sure that everything is cleared off my HD, including passwords and apps and suchlike, and saying goodbye to people.

I came in at 8am this morning, I plan to be gone after lunch. Must talk to the woman doing my exit interview to check if we can get it done before lunch.

(The woman doing my exit interview is my previous line manager, before they shuffled everything around earlier this year and then I got to get told of my redundancy over the phone through a manager who'd never met me in person. Clusterfuck, much?

And that's not even counting that to tell me that a redundancy might be on my horizon (they hadn't actually made me redundant at the time), they arranged an appointment for 10am Monday morning and told me HR, my line manager, and his line manager would be there, and that I could bring a support person. They arranged this appointment at 10am Friday morning, leaving me 72 hours - including the weekend - to stew.

They're fucking lucky that I don't have anxiety, or I'd have been a mess by Monday. As it was, I contemplated the worst case scenarios, then stressed a little here and there over the weekend, but didn't let it bother me.

So, in conclusion: clusterfuck.)

I'm not sorry to leave the company; it used to be a good little company to work for, before it got bought out by a big Australian tech conglomerate, and then that got bought out by a big US tech-and-business conglomerate, and...wouldn't you know it, this is the company that gave me my first redundancy when they bought out the little company that I worked for from age 18 to age 24! Colour me surprised.

Anyway, mostly, I am scrubbing things from my laptop, and working out how to not only clear but erase my browser history in the shortest time possible. Oh, and must delete my Dropbox connection.

moment of greatest tech hilarity in this morass: Being told by the system that my password is about to expire - YESTERDAY.

One day to go and they want me to change my password? AHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, no, I didn't bother, and I seem to be okay and in the system right now, so...

I will be sorry to leave the people - there are some really good people here. It's a good place to work. Ah well, my job being what it is, I'm sure I'll encounter them in the future here, there, and everywhere...