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February 8th, 2017

tielan: (love)
Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 08:27 am
When we were in Year 6, my school did a musical - Noah and his fabulous floating ark, obviously about the Biblical flood.

I can still sing the songs. (I have a pretty good memory for songs.)
Forty days at sea! How the timbers shudder!
God has promised me He will be our rudder -
But I hope he won't hear when I wish that I were dead!
With the rain steady drumming on the roof above my head...
The raindrops drumming overhead!


So, after a couple of ridiculously hot days (40C) we're back in rainy summer territory where the temp doesn't drop below 22C and it's grey and nearly constantly rainy. Of course, we're headed for another scorcher on the weekend.

(Honestly, there is definitely something going on with the climate - and yes, this is anecdata, but all the scientific data is backing us up on this; our temperatures are getting more extreme, and the icy parts of the planet are getting smaller. Is it fixable at this point? Sadly, the truth is probably not. Too much money, too much greed, too much "God has made us to trample this world beneath our feet" and not enough "God made us to be caretakers of the world which He owns, and that means not burning the damn thing to the ground!" But I digress.)

A friend has a racing carnival going on, inland, NSW plains, and the temperature is due to hit 44C. It's a baked land, and it's definitely going to be baking. (If they have solar panels and solar batteries out there, they're going to be set for, oh, at least through to midwinter. And, frankly, if they don't have solar panels and solar batteries out there...I got nothing. Seriously.)

My garden, however, seems to be doing quite well:

garden photos )