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February 24th, 2017

tielan: (SGA - JT4)
Friday, February 24th, 2017 12:14 pm
The thing that always kind of amazes me with the idea of "going to other planets" is that, no matter how wide and spacious and amazing and possibility-filled these planets are, the nature of humanity is such that:

a) there will be a queue of people to go,
b) that queue of people will be Very Carefully Selected,

And I'm not just talking about "capable of surviving in space" which is a whole new ballgame of prepared (see: astronaut training).

selecting the human race suitable for going off-world; it will mostly be white )

Which then brings me to point c) about Humanity In Space:

c) no amount of careful pre-Selection will stop the Worst Of Humanity from making it off planet alongside the Best Of Humanity, because all of us have both the Worst and Best of Humanity in us already and wherever we go, there we are!

Today's ramble is prompted by the news that NASA has found a star with 7 Earth-like planets. Which has, of course, occasioned excitement.

Now, can you imagine not only racism and nationalism as social issues to deal with, but Planetism, too? Seriously. No Good Can Come From This.
tielan: (AVG - Natasha)
Friday, February 24th, 2017 11:16 pm
Turns out I don't have as much time for HetSwap as I thought I did. And, of course, the epic bunny just bit.