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March 22nd, 2017

tielan: (AVG - maria)
Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 05:02 pm
I am in that mental state of the hamster wheel; lots of things going around and around, but nothing actually happening. (Or that's what it feels like.)

I have been doing some sewing, and some cooking, and some reading, and some writing. I have definitely been gardening, although the steady rain has kind of wrecked a lot of my plants' opportunities to pollinate, since the production of fruit requires a) wind, b) the pollen not to get washed away.

My [community profile] worldbuildingex is feeling rather bigger than my boots can take it. There's a load of epic in there, and I'm desperately hoping I can do it justice.

And then there's [community profile] smutswap.

I'm planning to do Camp Nano this year, but for original fiction. I'm going to try Carlos and the Shadowkids again. One of the issues with Carlos and his friends is that there are just too many iterations of them running around my head. I've had them in my brain for too long, and they've morphed from children's books to YA to urban fantasy romance to a TV script... Trying to pin them down is tricky - they're a tricksy quintet.

I would like to get through the next two sections of downright complicated or "the sedoretu fic" before I do Camp Nano, though. Maria's been stalling a lot, which is unlike her. She was really uncomfortable with the revelations that I needed in place, so after about six months of malingering, during which everyone's forgotten who she is, I've split the intel difference between her and Natasha, with Maria's part focusing on the situation and her own state of mind, and Natasha doing the interpreting of what's going on around them.

[community profile] wipbigbang has just come back up - due date is June... I have a number of unfinished works and I could reasonably hope to get downright complicated done by then... The alternative is the sequel to a practical acquaintance with bees the first part of which topped 50K. I have notes for the 2nd half, but...yeah. (I've done 50K in 3 months before, it's just...IDEK. It scares me.)

I wrote about 5K of the fake married fic, and then got stuck, so that's a possibility.

There's the 3rd part of Mako Mori And The Eleventy Billion Bridezillas which is the actual wedding shenanigans.

...I don't know. I'm struggling a little right now.