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April 5th, 2017

tielan: Wonder Woman (Default)
Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 08:41 am
Look, I can hope.

I'm leaving my LJ up for the moment, mostly because I can't delete it without signing the TOS and while, yes, I imagine that they're hardly interested in a cishet Christian Australian as a disturber of the Russian peace, it makes me...wary. The world is both getting smaller and - in somewhat contradictory manner - also getting less friendly. (Irony, that.)

I can't crosspost from DW to LJ without agreeing to the T&C, and I can go in and look, but I can't seem to post or comment at LJ.

In the meantime, I'll just mosey along quietly here as I have done for the last five years since things got progressively quieter over at LJ...
tielan: Wonder Woman (Default)
Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 10:45 am
one: Do you manually crosspost to LJ from DW, or do you do the little checkboxy thing that auto-crossposts?

Because ever since I found the checkbox, I've been auto-crossposting, and yet people are saying "they'll continue to crosspost" which DW's auto-crosspost doesn't allow anymore since it has to go through the Russian TOS Of Doom which I haven't yet signed.

How do you crosspost? Did you have to sign the Russian TOS before it would let you crosspost?


two: I feel like I should start running a comm for fests that are held on AO3 (nominations, posting) but which are only announced on LJ.

Such as the [livejournal.com profile] mcu_aufest, which does not appear to have a DW equivalent. However, nominations, sign ups, matching and so forth is run from AO3, so no need to use LJ except for the announcements.

MCU AUfest 2017 schedule

April 6-15: Nominations
April 19-29: Sign-ups
May 1(-ish): Assignments go out
June 25: Assignments due
June 30(-ish): Archive goes live
July 7: Author/Artist reveals

This is one that I am DEFINITELY signing up for, and will encourage anyone with Maria-centric tendencies and/or enough Maria/Steve love to sign up for.


three If you've subscribed to me and granted access to me, and I haven't done the same, chances are it's because I'm not actually sure who you are. (Sorry, this is one of my problems; I am really incredibly shoddy at remembering the username of people I've spoken to. Chances are I am much more likely to remember our conversations, what we spoke about, and associate you that way.

This is why I don't think of people who I know solely from Tumblr as 'friends'.

People on Tumblr are strangers who like my stuff and occasionally move on the things that I've moved into their line of sight. And sometimes I like their stuff and move on the things that they've moved into my line of sight into the line of sight of other people I know and they don't. But we're not friends. If we had a major difference of opinion, I probably wouldn't bother trying to discuss it with them, or find out why they thought that, I'd just drop them like a hot potato.

This is the difference between 'friends' and 'people on the internets' for me. I made friends on LJ. I've made a few friends on DW, and a few on Tumblr, but the lack of friends on DW is largely because I'm in sections of fandom that few people are involved with, in all the 'normative' boxes, which means that unless people knew me before the move to LJ, then they're not really interested in me. (Understandable.)

The lack of friends on Tumblr is because Tumblr is not about friendship; it's about high-entertainment/low-interaction social media. I want high-informative/high-interaction social media - people to talk things over, and squee with, and meta, and interact with about my daily life. Fannish people - the kind I won't see on FB so much. (My FB is full of family and fleshspace people, who I interact with over different topics and in different ways. Some of them are geeky/fannish; most of them are not - at least, not in any way that I could reasonably squee with and where they won't look at me sidewise.)

tl;dr Crossposting to LJ from DW. MCU AUfest. Friendships on LJ, Tumblr, and DW.