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April 20th, 2017

tielan: (Merlin - gwen)
Thursday, April 20th, 2017 06:03 pm
So, it's the weirdest thing actually having to go 40 entries back through my Readlist in the space of a day. WEIRD. I haven't had to do that in, oh, about 8 years (and that was LJ).

Mind you, a lot of those entries are the 2017revival introductions and the comm that lets you know about new comms popping up. And friends who are crossposting from twitter and instagram.

Still, that's a helluva lot more action than I've seen in a while!

(And it's kind of good. Not quite the meta-y stuff that I have long been longing for around here, but nice to see some activity. Here's hoping it remains active!)


story of a quilt )

Tonight, I have to dig up some lemongrass, only it's already dark outside. Luckily, the lemongrass is right in the line of my headlights as my car is parked in the carport. SCORE! I'm digging up a clump of lemongrass to swap with a woman 30 mins away whose parents have an olive tree whose olives are ripe. Basically, I'm going to try curing my own olives. Probably by brining them since that looks like it involves less water. (But will probably end with them more salty. Oh well.)

I also have to drop around to a friend's house and check on her cat. They've gone to visit the US and while a friend is coming to stay in a day or two, I'm occasionally looking after the cat.

family stuff )

Today I logged into an application for the type of work I do...and discovered that my company has not yet severed the connection between my login for that app and their partner grouping. So I still have access to all their trouble tickets for the customers on that app... Oops!

Finally, Not Primetime sign-ups are GO!

(And thank you to whoever picked up my smut swap pinch hit. I hope the other lonely PH recip has also found a home.)

This has been a ramble straight out of my brain. Sorry about that...
tielan: (MCU - Maria/Steve)
Thursday, April 20th, 2017 11:25 pm
Dear MCU AU Writer,

Welcome and thank you for writing for me! Before you click on the cut, please remember that apart from the pairing and the AU specified, my ideas are all OPTIONAL. If you can write the ideas I've put down, then by all means go for it! If you find they're not in your style, then just go for whatever you envision as the relationship and the AU and it will be fine! Considering how rare these relationships are, I will be OVER THE MOON that anyone has written about them at all.

pairings and AUs )

Once again, if none of these ideas fly with you, go with the character dynamic that we've matched on, in the AU scenario listed. You're writing a dynamic that is implied but unexplored in canon, and which has correspondingly minimal fanon, so just run with your ideas and I'll be glad to get the fic!