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April 24th, 2017

tielan: Wonder Woman (Default)
Monday, April 24th, 2017 12:27 pm
Have been feeding the cat of a friend; the cat has been very friendly, most likely because she's been pretty lonely the last few days (they left for a 2 week holiday on Thursday, and someone was going to come and catsit on the Saturday, but due to family things is only coming around this afternoon).

She's very small and very pretty and very enthusiastic about nudging and licking and bellyrubs.


Played 2 games of hockey yesterday, although I knew I probably shouldn't. My foot is a bit achey and weird today, and the toe is giving that 'I could rebel, I totally could' feeling that it does.

Also: because I played in Team 3 as well as Team 2 (the team I was hoping to be in), I've been asked by the president if I want to play in Team 3. Team 3 is also the one I was coaching last year - they're a good team, and they're better this year because they've got a bunch of players who used to play in Team 2 now playing in Team 3 (like Team 2 has a bunch of players who played in Team 1 last year come down to the next team)...but I'd rather play up a grade. It challenges me, and I think I'm in the middle of the skillset, while I'd stand out a bit too much in Team 3.

Although I won't deny it was nice to be one of the better players and score two goals, with an assist on a third, but I did that in Team 2 the first week, too. (We lost in Team 2 this week because we played the top team in the grade and they kicked our asses 4-0, although three of those goals were in the 1st half, and we managed to mostly keep them out 2nd half, although we couldn't score any of our own - their goalie was good.)


Smut Swap is in: my story has been well-received by my recipient (at least on the surface, and I'm not going to look any deeper), and my gift is sweet and hot!

I haven't really looked through the stories, I'm not in a mood for reading fanfic right now.


I'm back to plotting the sedoretu fic, trying to work out the events and the emotional beats. Once again, I think I might have something that works. Now to write it...

And Camp NaNo has been a bust. Again.