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April 28th, 2017

tielan: (AVG - agents)
Friday, April 28th, 2017 09:01 am
If an exchange is only being updated/maintained/questions answered on LJ, and you personally have made the switch to DW, would you sign up, even if the exchange was on AO3?
tielan: Wonder Woman (Default)
Friday, April 28th, 2017 10:27 am
They're running an Amnesty over at [community profile] trope_bingo, so you can try to work a bingo out of any previous year's amnesty card.

I have three half-filled, some with notes, some without.

Under the cut is my 2016 trope bingo card with the current fills:

2016 trope bingo card )

Any suggestions/thoughts? You can try me on any pairing you know I'll write. I need some inspiration/impetus/distraction right now.
tielan: Wonder Woman (Default)
Friday, April 28th, 2017 04:50 pm
Dear person that I would really like to treat,

You needed to give me a scenario that wasn't smut. For this canon, I can't do smut. But I also can't really think of a plotbunny that pulls me in enough that I particularly want to write it. There's a reason that I've never wanted to write this canon when I first read it, while Star Wars, She-Ra, and Melanie Rawn engendered a thousand bunnies and more.

I think it's because the characters themselves were secondary to the worldbuilding, which was beautiful.

The problem with this is that I want characters, and none of them are working for me. (Honestly, if I think about it, the characters of Series 1 and Series 2 are pretty much interchangeable by gender; their function is more important than their personality. Which is a problem for me.)

I would really really like to treat you. But I don't have anything to work with in my head. And for a treat, I don't particularly want to build the story up from the beginning.