Thursday, June 15th, 2017 11:47 am
Went to a work dinner (EOFY celebration) last night, on a harbour cruise in a glass-sided boat.

The Sydney Vivid festival is on at this time of year every year - light shows and audio-visual displays around the south side of the Sydney Harbour foreshore (around Circular Quay and the Botanical Gardens, mostly).

A couple of pics:

While I remember, a composite shot from #vividsydney last night on #clearviewcruises: the Sydney Opera House - a huge canvas of white sail.  #sydneyharbour #sydney

Okay, this is the money shot! #sydneyharbour #sydney #vividsydney  #sydneyoperahouse

Sydney Harbour is lit! #clearviewcruises #vividsydney #sydneyharbour #sydneyharbourbridge

Definitely a very enjoyable night!


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