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April 15th, 2017

tielan: Wonder Woman (Default)
Saturday, April 15th, 2017 04:31 pm doesn't save a draft?!?

I just lost an entry I typed out over the course of several hours, because I thought the new DW beta post page saved a draft...

This is not making me like the beta Create Entry page. At. All.
tielan: Wonder Woman (Default)
Saturday, April 15th, 2017 05:55 pm
(ie. the post that I lost earlier today)

I want a better app than Gardenate, which has some useful features, but doesn't really do quite what I need.

- list what I've planted (type, variety, location in garden, and time of planting), note how it's going, when I've fertilised it, and see how it compares to the 'recommended' time before harvest
- lists the moon planting cycles as well as when to plant for my climate region
- store seed notes (type, variety, year saved/bought, expiry year)
- be able to set up bed locations and suggest what to plant next in those locations

There are probably other things that I've forgotten from when I typed up this morning - it was a much longer post. This'll probably get edited as time goes on.