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Thursday, September 21st, 2017 08:46 am
It’s kind of nice to post a humourous Captain Hill ficlet I dug up off the HD last night, forget about it, and then only remember this morning when looking at my works page to discover it has 180 hits, 40 kudos, and 4 comments already.

I am starting to think that the Marriage Equality survey here in Australia will prove to be Australian Evangelicals’ ‘Trump’ moment. The ‘no’ side will win by a narrow margin, but it will be because half the people didn’t respond to the survey, and in the process, the most vicious ‘no’ responders (the 'loud and proud no' side) will have burned bridges beyond repairing for a generation already on the verge of asking, “Where is your God of mercy? We see none of His qualities in you.”


How I know I’m losing weight: my bra cups suddenly don’t fit my breasts. Which makes me feel like I’m walking around with my tits hanging out, never mind that I have two or three layers of clothing over the top.

Tonight, I have a quiet night. I don't even have to cook dinner; I prepped a lamb shoulder last night and stuck it in the slow-cooker this morning. I just have to get the sister to slice the potatoes and toss them in around midday...
Friday, September 22nd, 2017 03:18 am (UTC)
Oh wow! congratulations on the cheerful success of your ficlet.

As for the Marriage Equality Survey - I'm not in the country, and it's hard to judge the feel of things from outside it. Of course it's only the most distressing, depressing things that get reported.
Hang in there, fellow-Christian - I feel your grief, but I can't believe that the No vote will win a majority - but then again, as I said, it's hard to judge from over here.
It's been a stupidly-conceived idea, anyway, the survey, with so much cloudiness about it - about the status of the result, about the wording, about privacy, about possible multi-voting. I've never been so glad that my mail goes to a PO Box, and not to a street address; there seems to be no protection against someone just lifting the forms from a streets'worth of letter-boxes, as far as I can see. (I'm not entirely clear how the Stats people got my PO Box number, either. :( )