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April 21st, 2017

tielan: (AVG - maria)
Friday, April 21st, 2017 12:11 am
Dear Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me - we have matched on some characters or character dynamics that I adore, and I hope that you likewise adore them, and that this assignment will not be a big arduous thing for you, but something fun and enjoyable and satisfying. I will most definitely be appreciative of whatever you've written for me, because these dynamics don't often get written, and so it's a pleasure to read a new take on it!

Note: if you see something that you know I've asked and received before, then please know that there are some bunnies I really like and I want to see all the options and iterations possible for them!

I've tried to keep this simple... )

Basically, write the relationship dynamic that we matched on in a scenario that illustrates the respect and friendship and affection that the characters have for each other (possibly tinged with aggravation, frustration, and the desire to smack someone over the nose) and I will be delighted to get your story!
tielan: (quilting)
Friday, April 21st, 2017 09:26 pm
One of the most finicky quilts I've ever had to quilt myself. Took 4 hours from go to whoa.

beneath the cut )

That was most of my day today. And some writing.