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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 08:56 am
Captain America (Movies)
Maria Hill
Akela Amador & Maria Hill
Maria Hill/Steve Rogers
Maria Hill & T'Challa

I would love any story about Maria Hill – on her own or with any others. I really like the idea of Maria working with Akela Amador in world security – remember Akela has mad field agent skills, and Maria is excellent at getting the intel behind-the-scenes. I don’t care whether it’s set before or after Akela’s imprisonment/release, although I think that seeing these two overlooked women doing in the post-Civil War world would be pretty fantastic.

I also like the idea of Maria working with T’Challa, whether through the relationship between Wakanda and Stark Industries before the Accords, or in the post-CW world. I’m also amenable to T’Challa/Maria as a pairing. T’Challa wouldn’t have any issues with a capable woman, and Maria would be accustomed to dealing coolly with guys who have ego/self-confidence, even as she admires T’Challa’s certainty (and perhaps his uncertainties, too, after all he’s the leader of the world’s most technologically advanced country).

Maria/Steve has become my holy grail in any non-pairing-specific exchange. Steve has a thing for confident women who are friends with him, Maria has plenty of reasons to keep Captain America at romantic bay, they’re definitely friends in canon, and the two of them working together after Civil War in the uncertainty of the world would be awesome.


Bourne (Movies)
Nicky Parsons

We are ignoring the most recent Bourne movie which I haven’t seen. I don’t particularly care to see it either - sorry, but refrigerated women is one of my hardline DNWs. So have her connect sooner with Jason, have them interact differently, working together, develop their backstory. If you want to go with Nicky as another kind of US Governmental operative – kind of a Black Widow style spy, then I’d love to see that, too!

And working with Pam Landy – a woman in male-dominated intelligence, trying to keep everything together, a patriot in her own way, but patriotism does not make the actions right in themselves. Maybe the Senate got her kicked out, but she still knows where the skeletons are buried, and even some of their names. How does Nicky interact with Pam, work with the older woman? Can’t you just seen them in a partnership of dangerous women: one in the field, one in politics?


Merlin (TV)
Gwen/Arthur Pendragon
Gwen & Merlin
Gwen & Morgana
Elyan & Gwen
Gwaine & Gwen

Gwen and all the relationships – friendships and her relationship with Arthur in the context of daily life in Camelot. The long, slow road to becoming queen.
Fair warning: I stopped watching at the end of S3, couldn’t get back in again. If you want to write a canon AU or a scenario that you’ve had in mind for Gwen and any of the characters, then I’d love to see that – perhaps the story of how Merlin and Arthur (and Gwen) fulfil the dragon’s prophecy?

I love Gwen and her friendship with all the different characters – including early season Morgana. If you want to add other female characters from the show into the story, go right ahead. I’d love to see how Elyan and Gwen deal with her association with Arthur and how things change for her and for them as time goes on in the court of Camelot.


Stargate Atlantis
Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard
Ronon Dex & Teyla Emmagan & Rodney McKay & John Sheppard
Teyla Emmagan & Aiden Ford & Rodney McKay & John Sheppard
Ronon Dex & Teyla Emmagan
Teyla Emmagan

My biggest peeve with SGA was that the show wasn’t capable of looking at the situation from the perspective of the Pegasus locals, and insisted on a White Saviour narrative, which it pushed and pushed and pushed repeatedly through five seasons, giving all the meaty storylines to the white people of the expedition.

I’d like a story focused on Teyla and/or Ronon, although not romantically. Their vibe comes across as sibling to me, and I hope you keep that. I like team stuff, whether S1 team or subsequent team stuff, although I’d like to focus to remain on Teyla rather than the guys, although I’d like Ford and Ronon centric stories better than John or Rodney-centric ones.

Ultimately, all these are suggestions, prompts for you to use if you can envision them. If you can’t, then just write the fandom and the character/pairing we matched upon and it’ll be fine.

Thanks so much for writing for me!


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