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Sunday, January 1st, 2017 12:04 pm
Unmasked (Mulan)
Looking at the Disney movie from Shang's perspective.

One thing I particularly liked about this one is that they don't take the modern American conservative view of homosexuality and transport it to Ancient China.

Non-Christian warrior societies were generally much more lenient about male sexuality than we think - although the definition of 'homosexual' as we understand it wasn't valid. In Tang Dynasty China, one of the prospective heirs to the throne was known for his preference for men - but the issue with his succession wasn't his attraction to men, but his extravagance. And his preference would not have affected his need to beget heirs - he would have had a wife and possibly concubines on which to beget children, because marriage was a question of titles, lands, politics, and money - the personal aspect didn't come into it.

Shang doesn't assign the shame or embarrassment that we might to a male soldier who is attracted to another man; he's a little surprised at it because it's never been his 'thing', but he's well aware of his responsibilities to his name and his line and his ancestry. And he still loves and is attracted to Ping, even before he realises she's Mulan.

10 Things I Hate About Reunions (10 Things I Hate About You)

For great hilarity with the texts between Kat and Bianca, and the way she encounters Pat and their reunion and catch up and all the stuff in between.

linguistic assignations (Languages - Anthropormorphic)

I'm not sure I entirely get all the references, but it's fascinating nevertheless.

Revisions To A 'Dear Writer' Letter, Yuletide 2035 (The Martian)

I just... This is brilliant. I can't describe it any better. But this is perfect.