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Friday, November 11th, 2016 07:11 am
A small tale of hope c/o an Australian author and her daughter: Four Years.


#WhatIReallyWant: A little cheesy, and somewhat ironic given the election, but I find it...oddly uplifting. There are women and minorities in countries that have far less than women and minorities the west, and yet they're willing to fight for what they want, if it takes decades. At this rate, yes, it may take decades.


I think the thing that tickled me most about this Joint Statement from California Legislative Leaders on Result of Presidential Election is that it was given in both English and Spanish. I know that's such a small thing, but it just...it was good to see. I'll take what I can get right now.


The HannahPad - an Australian washable menstrual pad. If you use pads rather than tampons or menstrual cups, this might be your thing. And, hey, it's Australian!

Speaking of which, I need a new menstrual cup. I burned my previous one because I forgot it was on the stove (to sterilise) and all the water boiled away. Yes, this is something I do with eggs, rice, and menstrual cups. (Not all at the same time.)


For those of you who love smutty het romances, I recommend Anne Calhoun's Alpha SEAL series. I actually started with one of her other books - I think it was free when it was recced by Smart Bitches Trashy Books, and so I snaffled it up. I've spent much more on her books since then.

Oh, and I found a reasonably decent (ice) hockey romance series: Portland Storm by Catherine Gayle. The last (ice) hockey romance series just pissed me off something awful - Deirdre Martin - I didn't like her style, I couldn't like the characters... IDEK.

I've been enjoying Portland Storm, though. Some of the guys are, shall we say, a little more chivalrous than I would expect of white American pro sportsmen - one of them remains a virgin until he's 24 because he's in love with the girl he ends up marrying (she's the daughter of one of the older guys on the team) and wanted sex to mean something. I'm sure there might be guys who do that, but...well, unicorns, etc.

Other than that, I've been re-reading Jo Graham and Melissa Scott's Order Of The Air series, which is about a found family of pilots set in the period between WWI and WWII. If you haven't read it, please do. It's both dark and uplifting - the 5th Book 'Oathbound' features the invasion of Ethiopia where the heroes are on Ethiopia's side against Italy (one of the Ethiopian princes is a friend of the main characters).

I don't know when the 6th book is coming out; the author has been struggling with the parallels between the state of the world in the 1930s and the current state of the world now. That may not seem like an encouragement to read them today, but the books are really good - hope and courage, a little excitement, quiet heroism, duty, and all kinds of love.

And I went back through the Stargate Legacy series, again by Jo Graham and Melissa Scott, 1-6 (the Atlantis expedition), and 7-8 (the Atlantis expedition + Elizabeth). Solid stories, good characters, everyone gets to play a part (that's important if you're like me and your favourites are not the show/fannish favourites), and happy endings.

CrossRoads Press does the Stargate books (SG1, SGA, SGU) with none of the fluff and palaver over DRM or fancy links. The book is yours to download, nice and easy, in EPUB or MOBI format.


And just a few links for coping and managing:

[personal profile] rydra_wong has some points and ideas

How To Deal With Aggressive Confrontations: I've done this with a non-aggressive but extremely skeevy interaction between an older, clearly socially inept guy who was trying to chat with a 15 y.o. girl travelling by herself on the morning train.

[personal profile] colorblue has a list of organisations and groups to help get us all through this.

Smart Bitches Trashy Books' Self Care, Self Care, and More Self Care post.

Oh man, I just found their 2016 SBTB Gift Guide (Part 3: Crafty Edition) - and there are links to knitting patterns, and papercrafts, and A GHOSTBUSTER LEGO SET that features all the ladies (and Kevin)! *throws money at it*

Okay, so it links to Amazon, perhaps, but hey, A GHOSTBUSTER LEGO SET EXISTS AND IF YOU HAVE A LITTLE GIRL WHO NEEDS A CHRISTMAS PRESENT, HOO BOY! (And maybe it's a bit pricey.)


Speaking of money: there was a tumblr post I read last night about people seeking American citizenship - particularly adoptees of colour, possibly brought to America by well-meaning white folk who may not have done the paperwork to give these children American citizenship. There is organisation and cost involved and, of course, because of the nature of the situation, politics.

If you know of someone who needs this citizenship and doesn't have the money for processing, DM me. I'm good to assist at least one, maybe two people get papers that means they have a legal way back to the country they've lived in all their life if someone decides they're not the right kind of person to be American. I know what it is to be considered 'not the right kind of person to be citizen of a majority white country' simply because of my race.


When I first started typing this, I had a cut at the bottom of the post - "oh what the hell, have some more cat pictures" - because I figured I wouldn't have enough links.

Yeah, maybe the cat pics in another post then...
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Sunday, October 30th, 2016 08:40 am
And the archive is open!

My assignment was for [archiveofourown.org profile] Persephones_Keeper | [profile] crossing_hades

title: Reasons Of Presence
summary: The traditions of Wakanda are heavy, and in these changing times, T’Challa is always and constantly aware that if the armour of the Black Panther weighs down upon his shoulders, it will be that much heavier with the weight of crown and kingdom added to it.
tags: T'Challa and Okoye, T'Challa & Maria Hill
rating: G
notes: This was not strictly the request, but I thought a little delving into T'Challa's history and how Wakanda decided to return to the world as more than merely a shadow power would be an interesting diversion. There was, initially, meant to be more.


My gift was by [archiveofourown.org profile] Dazzledfirestar:

title: Comfort
summary: The real fall out would come later. For now, Helen needs a friend and a good meal.
tags: Helen Cho, Maria Hill, friendship, food
rating: G

It's a wonderful little post-Age-of-Ultron glimpse into the professional relationship of the two women and how it verges on the personal.


My recommendations so far:

title: On Your Left
author: [archiveofourown.org profile] ladydeathfaerie
summary: Two tours of duty as a pararescue have left their scars on Sam Wilson. In order to live and function with his emotional wounds, Sam's developed a simple coping method. After a particularly bad night, Sam resorts to said method to clear his mind. Imagine his surprise when it results in new friends and, ultimately, a new purpose in life.
tags: Sam Wilson, Riley, Nightmares PTSD
rating: PG-13
why: A little pre-Winter Soldier look into Sam and his coping mechanisms, what happened with Riley, and Sam's internal monologues.

title: A Waltz In The Woods With My Brother
author: [archiveofourown.org profile] kyburg
summary: When you have no loyalty shown you, what makes you wager everything on gaining it from those who would imprison you?
tags: Hogun, Jim Morita, World War II, Taking Liberties With History And Canon
rating: PG-13
why: This is a very unusual story, not two characters that you'd think to put together at all, and I'm not sure if the backstory they've used for Hogun came from the comics, or if they made it up. But I liked the look into Jim's mindset (although, I believe he said he was from California?) as well as Odin's evident trust in Hogun.

title: Play On
author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Dazzledfirestar
summary: Sam has a rough night, but he's got some help on hand.
tags: Sam Wilson, PTSD, Bucky Barnes, Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilon
rating: G
why: Because I like the idea of Bucky making Sam a cup of tea at oh-whatever-hours to settle not only Sam's memories but his own...

There are others I like the look of, but these are the underappreicated ones - more gen than slash/ship and about characters who don't get a lot of love. There's at least one story with Raina, several with T'Challa, quite a few with Sam, and one Sam/Rhodey that I think I do gotta take a closer look at.

Go forth and read!
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Friday, October 7th, 2016 08:26 am
So, apparently my Pottermore Patronus is a Manx Cat.

According to Wikipedia, the characteristics are "docile, good-tempered and sociable", but also "also shy of strangers", and at their best "an alert, active animal of much power and energetic character".

Works for me.


Ethicists Say Voting With Your Heart Without A Care About The Consequences Is Actually Immoral


At the entrance to Dachau, buried among the weeds and gravel, is an old railroad track. It's uneven, hastily built, and ends abruptly at a small unmarked concrete platform.

Here, not even a century ago, thousands of people were herded out of train cars, across the platform, and through the wrought iron gate emblazoned with the words "ARBEIT MACHT FREI."


I've just been reading Jo Graham and Melissa Scott's "Order Of The Air" series, which is one part history, one part fantasy, all parts awesome, and very very relevant in America's current political situation - not just the election, but in mentality, perspective, and the echoes of the past that are rippling through American society now.

If you haven't read the series, I highly recommend it, not just for the historical perspective, but also because it's a damned good read.

The first five books are available in ebook format at Crossroads Press - a straight download in ePub or mobi.

Not sure when the 6th one will be out right now...


ficbit )


A shipment of fabric and leathergoods has gone missing. The tracking details says it's been delivered, but we haven't seen it at all.

At this point, I'm hoping that it got delivered to another house in the area - one with the same house number on a parallel street - this happens sometimes. But I'm kind of pissed off with the mail service, because I was hoping to have that delivery last weekend to complete something, and it still hasn't turned up! GRARGH.


B2 is having a birthday party tonight. I've been asked to provide a meat dish and a dessert dish. I was going to make cheesecake, but I'm not going to have the time to do it unless I go home around lunchtime (which I admittedly could).

Although, after a conversation with B1, it looks like I am to be let off by just buying some ice-cream and fruit on account of it being a rather warm day...
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Friday, March 6th, 2015 08:59 am
Still working my way through the MCU Ladies Exchange and there are some absolute gems in there.

However, I believe I have to award the "holy shit" award to the fic "I Came To Win" which is - of all things - an ice hockey AU. I am not North American, I don't have the faintest idea about ice hockey (a.k.a. "bloodsport on ice with sticks"), and I have work to do today, but I am maybe 1000 words into this fic and am utterly hooked.

Moreover, Maria hasn't even appeared in the fic yet!

Well done, author. Very well done!

(And yes, I will get to my story before reveals, I promise!)

eta: Maria has turned up and it is AWESOME.
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Monday, May 5th, 2014 09:45 am
I'll Be Seeing You – Captain America Movies - Steve/Maria
This is a missing scene from the movie - a brief and touching interlude, showing Maria’s concern for those who’s missions are about to be blown to hell when they take on HYDRA during the movie. This is something the movie didn't address at all: dozens upon dozens of SHIELD agents have been pretty much death-warranted by Steve's plan to throw SHIELD out the window - the baby with the bathwater. So I really liked the protectiveness she shows in trying to get word out to the operatives who'll be in danger because of the 'tell all' situation that Steve and Natasha implemented. Yes, Maria has to see the big picture and sacrifice at times, but if she can manage the little details without compromising the big picture, then I imagine she would.
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Monday, April 28th, 2014 10:28 am
Just a couple of standouts from shipswap. There are others, but I'll have to go back through and try again.

Lost and Found in Translation - Star Trek: The Original Series – Spock/Uhura
Nyota debugs. Spock plays lyre. For some reason, they both think this is a fun way to spend their evenings.

This is so cute. So very very adorable. And sharp-yet-clueless Uhura is wonderful, while Spock is perfectly Vulcan.


Flowers From Strangers - Greek & Roman Mythology – Eros & Psyche

A modern epistolary AU of the story of Eros&Pysche. Really cleverly done and cute to boot!


I could ask you to guess which one(s) is mine, but...yeah. :D
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Monday, April 14th, 2014 10:20 am
I'm loving the Maria-centric fic that's coming out of the woodwork after CA2:TWS! And I'm hoping there'll be more of it in future with her presence in AoS and A2:Age of Ultron...

laughter is the best medicine – sweetwatersong
Five times Sam Wilson has a good laugh, and one time Maria Hill has the last one.
Male-Female friendship. Maria Hill and Sam being excellent and solid not-friends, with no sex. How can this be anything but awesome? (Clue: it is totally awesome.)

Safe House by alphaflyer
After Washington, trust is in short supply; Maria Hill does not open her doors for just anyone.
Again, male-female friendship, this time with Maria and Clint post-Cap2, and with a touch of Clint/Natasha.

Inauguration by zelos
Someone has to keep the pieces together, and it sure as hell wasn't Stark.
There's a lot of compartmentalisation, the general inclusion of the Avengers, and practicality in this one. And apparently sequels to come! It's all good.

toppling the card tower (that was S.H.I.E.L.D) by littlesnake
Everything goes to pieces, but no one picks them up. They just learn to live with the shards, jagged edges and all that.
A fic that addresses what was most probably at least a friendship between Maria Hill and Jasper Sitwell, and does really well at characterisation of Maria.

Unfortunately (for me), there was no new Steve/Maria last I checked (Saturday night), but that's not entirely surprising. It's never going to be popular, although it seems that CA2 has generated a little more interest in it.
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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 11:28 am
Seeing as it's the week that Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out in cinemas through Australia and the US, I thought I'd pimp a couple of my favourite Maria/Steve fics.

There aren't very many of them. 118 works on AO3 under the Steve/Maria pairing tag.

And that's including all the stories in which it's a secondary pairing, or the ones which could be subtitled 'Everyone's Paired With Someone, Oh Look, There's Nobody For Steve, Let's Put In A Reference To Maria Hill' or 'I'm Writing This Slash Pairing With Steve But We Need Him To Fail The Heterosexuality Test'. And, of course, the 'Let's Infect Maria With Pollen And Have Her Throw Herself At Guys Who Aren't Interested For Laughs' story. (There's only one. Thank God.)

Of those 118 works, I've written 36. That's over 25% of the Steve/Maria fics on AO3. At one point, I'd written nearly 50%. That was a truly terrifying point in time - the realisation that I was fuelling this ship all on my lonesome.

It's gotten better since then.

Chiseled Out Of Brick – brandywine421

He was a grown man, hell, he was a superhero. Asking a girl out for a drink wasn't that hard. It wasn't rocket science or espionage or math or divine intervention - it was just asking a girl a question. Out loud.

If I had any complaint about this story, it's that the ending didn't quite finish on the strong note I was hoping for. However, the rest of the story is A-plus on the characterisation, story development, and relationship dynamic.

Basically, how Steve and Maria start off being fuck buddies and kind of fall in love along the way to managing the Avengers, rescuing Bucky, and keeping Maria from getting killed.

I have a thing for the stories where the Avengers come around to being on Maria's team; the ones where they don't trust her any more than she trusts them, but they get to it in the end. And this one is a doozy from start to finish, while showing exactly how awesome and BAMFy Maria is.

The introduction of Bucky is beautifully tense – die-hard Clintashas will have to read it through one eye squinting: it's Natasha/Bucky with a side-serving of past Clint/Coulson, but it's still pretty damn good.

She's written a sequel where Steve and Maria have a baby; which is self-confessed fluff all the way.

can't carve a whistle by irnan

Maria Hill's never found it easy to explain why she became a SHIELD agent, but she knows why she stays one.

This is the story that started it all off for me – and, I suppose, therefore started it off for a lot of other people, since I seem to have converted a bunch of people to Maria/Steve over the last two years.

I went looking for fic about Maria Hill, and this was one of the few that had her listed immediately after the pairings list. Most of the time, she appeared after all the Avengers, Nick, Phil, Darcy Lewis, and assorted other characters.

It's fairly safe to say that 'A Woman Of Edges' and 'Give A Girl A Moment' both had significant roots in this story.

I liked the idea of Maria having a family: people to ground her, to give her that anchor to why she's doing this – something personal. (And I'm tired of heroes/heroines who have no family attachments. At all. There's a rant in here about liminal heroes, but I'll leave that for another post.) The scene in 'A Woman Of Edges' where Steve meets Maria's family took a few cues from the scene in here where Maria's family meets Tony Stark. And Maria's conversation with Steve about the nature of their work is echoed in her thoughts on personal responsibility in 'Give A Girl A Moment And She'll Take You For All You've Got'.

Sadly, irnan only ever wrote two Steve/Maria fics, and the Steve/Maria was more of an incidental side thing than an actual focus on their relationship.

there is nothing like a dame by Anonymous

Very loosely based on an avengerkink prompt that wished for Steve going down on all the USO girls. Somehow it ended up being more about the road to Steve going down on all the USO girls, how he learned to pleasure a woman, and how these skills do not go unused in the twenty-first century.

First note: Not everyone will be able to read this fic, the author has restricted it – presumably only to AO3 users (there's a little padlock next to the anon'd author).

It's Steve/Maria and Steve/OFC – lots of Steve/OFC, in fact, and basically about how Steve gets his sexual education before he becomes Captain America and how he and Maria end up in a relationship. It's hot, it's pretty cute, and even if the author hasn't labelled it Steve/Maria, there's definitely an element whereby they're developing an actual relationship – even if that relationship is only 'fuckbuddies'. An excellent smutfic.
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Monday, March 24th, 2014 03:22 pm
remember that you are by [personal profile] beatrice_otter
It wasn't until later, when Teal'c asked the question, that George gave it any thought. Though, in highdsight, it was obvious that a Jaffa would notice a mark on someone's forehead.

Hammond explains his faith with the simplicity of a man who believes with his core, and Teal'c questions with both the suspicion of those burned by religion, and yet with the curiosity of those who truly have open minds to new ideas, and it's well worth reading for a respectful, in-character discussion between two mature men who understand that sometimes finding the common points of faith is more important than the insistent that the only right opinion is your own.

pink drinks and pick-up lines by [livejournal.com profile] frea_o
Reeling from being stood up on a blind date, Felicity sort of accidentally hits on the brooding guy on the barstool next to hers and adventures ensue.

In true Frea style, this is hilarious and funny and romantic and sweet all at once. I have no idea how canonical the characterisations are - I don’t even watch Arrow - but this was enjoyable and funny and sweet and hot, all at once. Felicity/Oliver, obviously.

easy as ABC by AdrianZ
"It is a beautiful mess and it tastes like a piece of heaven." Maria Hill and Steve Rogers' relationship in 26 short drabbles ficlets, one for each letter of the alphabet.

A series of Steve Rogers/Maria Hill ficlets, structured around an alphabetic prompt. It's not any kind of sequence, alas, because I have the feeling this author could have told an incredible story through a sequence of ficlets. Still, it's short, sweet, and quite enjoyable in their depiction of how their relationship unfolds and works, and how they see each other.
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Monday, March 17th, 2014 09:29 am
I'm going to try to make this a thing - it won't always be Pacific Rim (there's not enough fic for starters) - but it will probably be things that I read and enjoyed, and think others would also like.

TITLE: you steal me away with your eyes
AUTHOR: millsandcrane
DETAILS: Mako/Raleigh, angst, smut,
SUMMARY: Set a year after the events of 'Pacific Rim'. Mako reminisces about who she's lost on the day of her parents' anniversary. Raleigh's there to distract her from her thoughts. Sex ensues.

WHY: Because it avoids the 'I love you' trap that is so prevalent in fic. And it's quite clear that Mako isn't fully over her loss of Pentecost, and that Raleigh loves her, but doesn't want to burden her. (Stoic males! WHEEEE!) Basically, they're two broken people holding each other together, and this is a teeny tiny smut interlude that quite sweetly shows their care for each other.

TITLE: Knock Knock | Cookies And Cream
AUTHOR: carpelucem
DETAILS: Bakery AU, Mako/Raleigh friendship tending to more, Mako & Chuck, Chuck is a dick, Hot Dads
SUMMARY: Neighbors, bakeries, and a big happy ending - and something about finding the family you were always meant to have.

WHY: because the interactions between Mako and Raleigh are charming and sweet and put me in mind of the Stargate AU "The House That Jack Built" and it's a series that will (hopefully) have a whole lot more to it, and I like to give such authors encouragement. In addition to which, I like dickhead!Chuck stories and this one has him right on the money. (The interaction between Raleigh and Chuck in the second story is precious - the confrontation, the jealousy, the angst, the relenting!) The Hot Dads make an appearance in Part 1, and although I don't really agree with the depiction of Stacker as the father who thinks his daughter has failed him, I believe I comprehend the narrative choices that drive it.

TITLE: what falls away is always
AUTHOR: likeoatmeal
DETAILS: Mako/Raleigh, post-movie, relationship,
SUMMARY: Most nights, Mako comes home — different cities and different doorways but always home the moment the door closes behind her—and Raleigh calls out her name before she
s even put her keys away. "Mako." It's never a question.

WHY: Because it's beautiful and lyrical and the kind of story that I really really wish I could write - that just drifts along while dragging you in so powerfully. It's in the style of the BIG Mako/Raleigh fics of the earliest days of Pacific Rim (the ones that have, oh, 800 kudos to them) - lots of love-and-the-Drift dynamics post-movie.
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Monday, January 6th, 2014 06:38 am
From [livejournal.com profile] pentapus: Steve Rogers and strong women

I asked for Steve/Maria and she said she didn't see it. But this art is exactly how I see the pairing!

And then the rest of the courtship involves Steve persuading Maria that he doesn't bite in a Steve Rogers kind of way...
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Thursday, December 26th, 2013 11:58 am
I'm going to be kind of posty with recs today.

Yes, the Emma and Agents of SHIELD recs are different to the ones I made yesterday!

1 Emma, 2 Agents of SHIELD, 1 Almost Human )
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Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 11:58 pm
Four fic recs: 1 Wicked, 2 Agents of SHIELD, 1 Jane Austen's Emma...

I got an early start this year )

There are going to be more - lots more. I seem to have a thing for Yuletide fic this year - so many fics!

As it is, I'm debating about reading/kudosing/commenting on the PR Secret Santa fics other than the one gifted to me since I organised it. Although it might be a bit late for that since I've already read through a couple of the pairings I like...
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Monday, May 6th, 2013 03:09 pm
I got not one but two Maria Hill fics in [livejournal.com profile] rarewomen! One of them is even Maria/Steve!

*does the dance of joy*

Two Lies And A Little Bit Of Truth by [livejournal.com profile] igrockspock
Maria Hill has a lot of back stories. One of them is even true.

I love the backstories - the outlandishness of them, and the contrast to the rather ordinary - and very painful - background that's the truth of what Maria would have endured in the armed forces as a woman who was capable of so much more than the guys, but who was forbidden from an active combat role. And it has a touch of non-romantic Steve/Maria to boot!


In the midst of life we are in death by [livejournal.com profile] grawpy
Post-Avengers. Someone has to take over Coulson's case files now that he's gone - especially one about a headstrong astrophysicist who's gone rogue - and Maria Hill is that someone. She takes Steve Rogers along for the ride.

I like this version of Maria - a lot more questions of herself, kept behind her eyes; and taking a lot more leeway in her actions, even when under orders. The friendship she develops with Steve is nice and easy, and I like her depiction of Jane all focused on science. And Tony and Pepper have great cameos! :)


My output for [livejournal.com profile] rarewomen was four fics: three Avengers, one Kushiel's Legacy.

My assignment:
This, Too, Is Love
Amarante has always known her calling. This, too, is grace.

A pinch-hit:
Care And Feeding Of Your S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent
Operation 'Feed Hill' is a go. Or the relationship between Maria Hill and food, with regards to the Avengers Initiative.

Two treats:
Ghosts Of Ages Past
There is undoubtedly irony in the universe when a seventeen year old girl can find a woman who's been dead for over forty years while men three times her age carry on, oblivious to Peggy Carter's continued existence.

Keep Calm And Carry On
The Avengers will come back when the world needs them to; in the meantime, Maria will do the jobs that need doing.

Basically I wrote a story for everyone who asked for Maria Hill. Luckily there were only three people other than myself; it might have gotten messy otherwise! I usually plan to write treats for people who ask for the characters/pairings I prefer; I think this is the first time I've actually managed to do it for everyone.
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Thursday, April 18th, 2013 08:48 am
So we've come out of the honeymoon period for Marvel Cinematic Universe, and are entering into canon territory.

I kind of expect my fic output to derail as new canon comes in, spoilers arrive, and my favourite characters will be shunted off to the side in favour of more emo-able characters.

Ironically, it's right about now that there are a couple of good Steve/Maria writers starting to pop up.

recs )

There will probably be meta for May.
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Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 09:15 am
Note to self and f-list: the Steve/Maria tag on AO3, now includes stories which are about Maria being kind of pathetic after Steve, when he really wants someone else.


On the other hand, it also contains utter and absolute gems like chiseled out of brick now. Which you need to read. Go on. This post (and everything else in your life) can wait.

Unless you're in a meeting that you really have to pay attention to. Or about to go into one. (Like me.)

Okay, and unless you're not into WIPs. Although it's kind of a series of little interactions.

Steve tripping over his tongue! Maria being droll and humourous. Awkward, messy sex (to start with). Adorability. And holy cow I just hit the action and yet now I actually need to pay attention to what's going on in this meeting.


Although it did provide me with this fic, so there is yet balm in Gilead...
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Monday, February 25th, 2013 09:30 am
I feel like reading someone else's Maria Hill fic for a change. Anyone able to write me a ficlet?

eta: you guys are awesome. Thank you!
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Saturday, February 9th, 2013 10:02 am
title: Anywhere But Where We Are
author: [personal profile] freneticfloetry
summary: They’ve always been in different places. Maybe one day they'll meet in the middle.
why: Because she wrote it for me as a Yuletide New Year's Resolution! (A story prompt that was taken from the Yuletide Challenge, but didn't get filled.) And it's beautifully written, comics-based (Ultimates verse), in-character, just a little bit angsty, and non-linear. In four parts, and only the first has been posted.

I don't even mind if the doesn't have a Happy-Ever-After. I'm just sitting here making high pitched dolphin noises of excitement!